Z and LT have a houseful of children!

Zerlina and Gus have come to stay for a few days.  It’s half term and, though their parents could take holiday time to look after them, it’s a great joy and privilege that I’m able to help and spend time with darling grandchildren.  But my goodness, they have fine appetites.  I’d made a cake with jam, fruit and cream for tea and they were able to tuck into a substantial cold dinner afterwards – yes, the courses in the wrong order but they aren’t children who have to be coerced into eating the main course by the promise of a pudding.  I’ve always put them in the same double bed for convenience up to now, but they sleep better separately, each having their own bedroom at home, so that’s what they’ve got now.  They are enjoying the luxury of their separate double beds.

LT is away this week so it’ll just be the three of us.  I’m planning a couple of days out and a few treats – it’s the holidays, after all.  There was a modest amount of overnight snow but not enough to build a snowman, so that might be a pleasure that’s not to be had this winter.  We will take it philosophically.  Once we’re in the second half of February, the thought of heavy snow rather loses its appeal and we look forward to the spring and sowing lovely vegetable seeds instead.

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