10 comments on “You’re somehow going to have to manage without me

  1. Z

    I gazed in perplexity at the one where you choose what disgusts you – I didn’t realise that and thought ‘but none of them is very nice, how can I have a favourite out of those?’

    I’m a bit simple.

    Um, thank you all, but I was giving you advance warning. There is a post to come, today, when I’ve finished everything I’ve got to do before I can go away. Probably around midnight.

  2. Steg

    10 whole days? Well, I hope you enjoy yourself but I miss you already.

    Hopefully (!) there’ll be another CD waiting for you on your return.

  3. Z

    No, I’ll go to London separately. It won’t be before the second half of May, though. I’m busy until then. I should book my ticket, shouldn’t I, to make sure I don’t let it pass by. I’ll check my diary and do it.


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