Yet more jingles, how not to lose weight and Hip Hooray

Too many in the comments to add to the last post, so one more go…

Kipper says that Alka Seltzer was ‘I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.’  That was in America, over here it was Plunk, plunk, fizz, as far as I remember.  Other American ads are Wendy’s ‘Where is the beef?’ which I think is a bit odd, isn’t Wendy’s a burger bar?  Calgon take me away – ah, over here we had a jingle that irritated me – Washing machines live longer with Calgon.  I’m easily irritated.  But washing machines are inanimate objects.

Roses grow on you – of course, thank you, Pixie Mum.  Mike reminded us of We are the Ovalteenies – I’m singing along (sotto voce, you’ll be glad to know) as I type.  AQ has Hands that do dishes…. I mean, she suggested the Fairy Liquid ad – Put a tiger in your tank – was that Shell?  That reminds me, The Esso sign means happy motoring – that’s going back a long way, I wonder how many of you could still sing that one.  The Shake’n’Vac one was indeed very annoying.  Frosties were grrrreat, according to Tony the Tiger.

LZM has some more American ones – Shake N Bake hasn’t made it over here, nor has her Nestles one – but that’s something I meant to mention.  Nestlé is correctly pronounced with the acute accent, of course, but it wasn’t in my young day.  The Milky Bar advertisement clearly went ‘Nestle’s Milky Bar’ – nestle as in snuggle.  As for M’n’M’s melt in your mouth, not in your hand, that was a slogan that was used over here for Treets – which were chocolate in a candy shell, but weren’t there different fillings?  One was chocolate, one was peanut…was the other toffee?  I can’t remember.

Sir B had as misspent a youth watching tv as I did, citing Hot chocolate, drinking chocolate.  A million housewives every day… Beanz Meanz Heinz, and he has a later Esso song too – do check yesterday’s comments if you would like to be reminded in full of all these.

Things go better with Coca Cola.  Have a break, have a Kit Kat.  Drinka pinta milka day. A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play…the list is almost endless.

So I’ll finish by telling you seeing Ronan today.  I was in Norwich for one art lecture this morning and another in the afternoon, so suggested we meet and he kindly treated me to lunch.  He was telling me he’s put an app on his phone to keep track of what he eats.  “It reminds you to eat, you mean?” I said.  Not exactly – it works out the calories and so on, and then he sees how little he tends to eat and scarfs down a few snacks.  Healthy ones, of course.  Nuts, mostly.  The 12 miles a day he cycles use about an extra 500 calories, apparently and he finds it really difficult to eat enough to keep his weight up to 10 stone.  “I’m too lazy to eat, you see,” he said, a bit bewilderingly.  Mind you, I always knew he would remain slim.  Even as a child, when eating cake or pastries, he never picked up the crumbs on a dampened finger and put them in his mouth.  I mean, who else doesn’t?  Or am I just displaying embarrassingly why I shall never be thin?

Oh, one more thing.  Today’s the fourth anniversary of my hip replacement.  Three cheers!

13 comments on “Yet more jingles, how not to lose weight and Hip Hooray

  1. kipper

    “plunk, plunk, fizz, fizz,. Oh what a relief it is” was used for Alka Seltzer here too. Palmolive dish soap “it washes your hands while you do the dishes”. The point of the “where is the beef” ad for Wendy’s that it was trying to show that other hamburger restaurants sold hamburgers with less beef. Esso/Exxon was the tiger in the tank gas company. Calgon was a brand of bubble bath. Here is an ear worm for everyone. The Coke ad where the young people are singing”I’d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect melody……Coke it is the real thing”. Then there is the “I’m a Pepper, she’s a Pepper. Wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper too” song for Dr. Pepper. My parents let me watch way too much television.

  2. Z Post author

    Calgon is water softener, but you use it to stop your appliances furring up, it’s not something to put in the bath. And yeah, thanks for the ear worm.

  3. Liz

    On the subject of things that go in the bath; who remembers the slogan for Matey bubble-bath? “Clean fun; clean kids; clean bath.” I still wonder what the hell was in it that kept the bath clean and what did it do to children’s skin?

    Dr Pepper soft drinks slogan used in the UK until a few years ago was also a bit odd – “Dr Pepper, what’s the worst that could happen?”

    1. Z Post author

      I used Matey – it arrived when I was about 8. I remember reading the bottle and it said I should play, so I solemnly played and then rubbed the suds in to make sure I was clean. Oh, such a solemn child!

      I don’t remember Dr P ads, but I’m too old for them.

  4. Mike Horner

    Please convey our best wishes for many happy returns of the hip’s day to your hip from Mike and Ann.

    P.s. I think I’ve had my left knee joint for about twelve years now. On the other hand (or rather leg) I’ve had my right knee joint for over seventy years. Some time I must try and work out the average age of my knees.

  5. Mike Horner

    P.p.s. Actually the sum wasn’t nearly as difficult as I feared, and I’m pleased to announce that the average age of my knees is forty four and a half years (each). You might care to do the same sum in regard to your hips – I think you might be pleasantly surprised.

    1. Z Post author

      Yes….there’s also the matter that the expected lifespan of a replacement hip is 10-25 years, whereas a natural one should be 50-100+ years. Maybe replacement hips should have two birthdays, like Paddington Bear and the Queen?

  6. LZM

    I am regularly taken away with Calgon in my tub (bathtub, not washing machine).
    Wendys’ ad was boasting that their hamburger patties were pure beef with no added fillers like many other fast food places used. And the hamburger patties are uniquely square. I haven’t been to a Wendys’ in a long time so they may not be now.
    “Hippy Hip Day!”

  7. Z Post author

    We had Wimpy bars, which are now Burger King, well before Macdonald’s. Of course, I never set foot in a Wimpy bar as a child. My mother wouldn’t have considered it!

    Hope your hip is as happy as mine.


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