Worryingly personal here, at the end. Soz, darlings

Being apart on our anniversary wasn’t planned, of course, but never mind.  Neither of us is that bothered about exact dates – none of my family is either, which is just as well – and, as I said, we celebrated on Saturday, and we will again when Tim gets back.

I woke up with a migraine for no reason I can think of, but I was able to keep going, though at a lower than usual level.  I did laundry and housework this morning and cleared out tomato and aubergine plants in the greenhouse this afternoon.  Dull but necessary work and I was quite happy with my efforts.  Wince the gardener has family issues that might stop him from working for a few weeks, so I’ll keep plugging away so he hasn’t a depressing amount to do on his return.

Tim, darling, all my love to you xxx

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