Leftover champagne

I don’t know how it is, but one can never have too many flowers for an arrangement.  It’s Harvest Festival tomorrow, and I said i’d do a pedestal arrangement and a small extra one for the altar – pedestal to the left of the altar and the other on the right, on it.

I bought two bunches of alstroemeria and two of roses, which was 30 flower stalks, picked about a dozen sunflowers, about the same dahlias, plus various leafy stalks.  So that was over 50 flowers plus greenery.  I thought I’d have flowers left over and there weren’t.  I used the lot.  In truth, I’d have used them all, even if I’d had a couple of dozen more, because that’s how it works – and I’d have made two bunches do, too.

Anyway, I whacked in the arrangements and practised the hymns for tomorrow and was still home within the hour, which seemed efficient enough.  Then Al asked if we were free this afternoon, which we were, so I nipped out and bought cake, as I was too lazy to make it.

I did buy some pink lilies for myself, so they’re scenting the room as I write.  And we drank champagne and used our wedding present wineglasses, candlesticks and wine coaster.  The champagne was the last bottle from our wedding.  The second last was opened for my birthday a couple of weeks ago, but we didn’t manage the leftovers before they went flat.  So I’m having to use it up in cooking.

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