Who is reading this?

I was exchanging emails with a friend last night – she commented on my quick reply and I said I’d been at the computer already, reading blogs, so had answered straight away. I got this back (the subject was a question of law).

Did you never think of using your quick wit in the court room for………..money?
Its razor sharp! do you have your own blog then? Can’t keep up!!

I’ve been wondering ever since if there was a part-hidden meaning. Indeed, I wrote back er, is there a hint there? Has someone outed me?
Not that it’s a secret.

But I got a delivery failure notification, which was just as well, because if she hadn’t read the blog already she would be by now, because she’d have asked what on earth I meant and, of course, Z doesn’t lie.

I don’t (although this has taken a certain effort of will) mind who knows about this blog, or whether they read it. My family all know about it, and I’ve told two friends its name, and a few others that it exists (only two actually asked where to find it). I feel just a little twitchy at the thought of people who know me reading it and not mentioning it though. It would, absolutely, be delicacy and not secrecy on their part – but I’d just like to mention that it’s all right to tell me you read it, if you know me. You can laugh at me, or say I’m dull or that I completely misrepresent myself and everyone around me, or (slightly less likely), say it is the most wonderful prose since Diary of a N0b0dy.

‘Course, you don’t have to say anything at all.

*wanders off to get some breakfast*

9 comments on “Who is reading this?

  1. Z

    That is a very sweet thing to say about my writing, but what does it say about my life?

    I’ll just get back to enameling the bath red, then.

  2. Dandelion

    Oh my god. This exact same thing happened to me yesterday as well. Well, not exactly, obviously, but very similar. It gave me a really weird feeling, of a mildly paranoid type. Not that it would matter, like you say, in the overall scheme of things.

  3. badgerdaddy

    It is very strange, when people already know what you’ve been up to before you tell them. Someone circulated my blog URL to everyone we both know; I just thought it made him look like a tit, as he told the world my blog was there but still hasn’t mentioned it to me.

    I was thinking as I read this… Isn’t it funny, how Gowing’s always Cumming, and Cumming’s always Gowing?

  4. Z

    Maybe people who blog and people who don’t think differently about them?

    I think, if ever I have another grandson, I might call him Lupin.

  5. Alan

    I have shut down blogs in the past because people I know found them. Somehow annonimity means that I can be more relaxed about what I write, that said some readers have followed me from blog to blog too!


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