Midnight feasting

The Sage turned off the light and stood, hesitatingly, by the window. “It’s hot” he said, “but I don’t want to let in the mosquitoes”. “At least they won’t be drawn by the light” I answered. “Just by the scent of our warmly trembling bodies.”

“I’ll just open it a couple of inches,” he decided. “Good call,” I said approvingly. “That’ll keep out all those three-inch mosquitoes.”

He moved into my waiting arms. Later, I woke and looked at the clock. It was 20 minutes after I last looked. I had been woken by a whining drone. Not a bee, nor Bertie Wooster, but a marauding mozzie. Too tired to get up and look for it, I huddled the duvet round me, only letting my face take its chances.

Within minutes, I had to throw it off entirely before I slid wetly out of bed in a pool of my own moisture.

The mozzie fed well last night.

11 comments on “Midnight feasting

  1. Z

    In the summer, I often have just a sheet. But the nights have been chilly and I’ve been happy to snuggle under a duvet.

    I don’t much like blankets as I don’t like to be tucked in.

  2. Z

    I’m a Norfolk girl, Dand. We’re not just reliant on belt and braces – there’s always a bit of bailer twine too, just in case.

    Jen, I quite fancy having a mini-fridge in the bedroom, with cooling flannels and iced water for those sultry nights. And some mosquito repellent, perhaps.

  3. Wendz

    Ha ha ha ha ha – I have just burst into a cackle because last year you were going on about your bedside fridge.

    I woke up this morning utterly drenched in sweat. Nasty feeling. Damp and sticky and a messy bottom sheet and a tangled hot duvet.

  4. Z

    Blimey, you’ve got a memory, Wendz. I thought I was the only one who remembered things like that. Too much empty space in our brains, has to have something put in there so that we don’t rattle.

    If the hot weather had kept on past June last year, I’d have bought the fridge. This year, it’s such a miserable summer I don’t mind a few hot nights.


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