Whey to go

I have heated and semi-cooled the milk, whisked in some yoghurt to start it and put it in a bowl on a trivet at the back of the Aga.  We shall see how it goes by the morning.

I went out for a couple of hours and was rather startled by the change when I returned.  There was a rough patch of grass with a couple of trees on it by the drive, and there are a lot of bulbs in it, mostly snowdrops, aconites, crocus and bluebells.  They are still there, I suppose, but the grass has all vanished.  It was pretty scruffy, admittedly, and since the soil removed to make room for the paving had been piled on it, I realise that there wasn’t really any way of tidying it up acceptably without levelling it completely, but it wasn’t quite what I’d expected.  We’ll have to seed it in the autumn.  The chickens will enjoy the treat of grass seed.  I don’t want to plant it up with shrubs, but I will go out tomorrow and get a couple of plants, just to soften the corners a bit.   Tomorrow, back to widening the drive, a job which has been left for a few weeks.  Heaven knows when the whole thing will be completed.

8 comments on “Whey to go

  1. Mike and Ann

    When will it be completed??? We find that old houses are Severn Bridge jobs. You get to the end of it, then start again.
    But you do make me feel thankful for a tiny garden these days, Z.

  2. Christopher

    My old – some vision-imbued relative or other, can’t remember which – used to say you can have either a garden or chickens, you can’t have both. He/she might have added ants: the last time we seeded a lawn, the ants collected up all the seed into neat piles. Sod’s lawn.

  3. Z

    Dave, my friends at Google Earth have promised new photos will be online asap. Today wasn’t quite p.

    I’ve not touched the veggie garden for weeks, Mike. And I’ve got a huge list for inside the house. It will never be finished,

    Ants are so tidy, Chris. How sweet.

    Do talk among yourselves, darlings.

  4. Four Dinners

    As a man with a formerly well tended garden that has been untended for nearly 8 years of 10 years of union repping and is now a building site and a wifey getting increasingly stressed at its current condition I can only empathise.

    My excuse of “all my work is still ‘behind the scenes’ is wearing thin…

    Days off are required from putting death on the roads.

    Mind you…I’m in the mood again after all those years. Life is good!!!….any tips?

  5. Z

    You’re on the right lines, leaving a frustrating job and being your own boss instead. Only trouble is, time off is time when you’re not earning. So if you have to teach during evenings and weekends to suit your pupils, you have to be resolute about taking time off during the day.

    Only advice about having an unstressed wife because of building work is to complete one job before starting the next – if possible. Which it isn’t always.


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