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I may be too sensitive to let you know (yet) how many blogs I read, but there are other sites I look at when I need cheering up. Sometimes, several times a day. And, on some of them, you can always be sure of an update. These ones are all American, the first two are hilarious, the third cruelly (sometimes) funny – but some of the victims so deserve it – and the last is interesting and sometimes bemusing. This is not so often updated, in which case I randomly click on an archive date and see what happens.

1. Overheard in New York. So funny, and constantly updated. I have never heard anything half as good in Norwich or London; if some are embellished I don’t care, many of them are so odd they surely can only be real.

2.Overheard in the Office, its sister website. Also very good, sometimes makes me splutter with laughter.

3.Go Fug Yourselfk. These are not usually just random shots of a celeb shopping without makeup and looking a bit rough. These are people who have really tried and got it so wrong. This can be quite endearing, or it can be – well, see what you think. They also do not approve of too much thinness, which has to be a good thing.

4.Tricks of the Trade. Some of these are really useful. The most bemusing one of recent days is “Here’s how you chamber a round silently to avoid drawing attention to yourself,” yes, something I always have needed to know.

Just thought of a fifth, and a British one at that.
Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down. I read about this ages ago when Stuart and Jenny were interviewed by the Sunday Times. And I like it enough to have bought the book. And taken it on holiday. And read out chucklesome bits to my son, but not often as that is really annoying and, since he is too polite, usually, to protest, I have to self-censor.

And if any of you become addicted, just think of me as a computer virus, but an apologetic one. On the other hand, you might go right off me.

4 comments on “What I read

  1. PI

    Can’t wait to try these out but meanwhile re your comment on Greavsie re times table – there was a marvellous American novel ‘The Group’ which advocated times table to prolong lovemaking. The maddening thing is I can’t remeber the author’s name although the book affected me enotrmously. Google can’t help.

  2. Z

    Pat and I have conferred – it’s The Group by Mary McCarthy, and available from Amazon.

    Thanks for the recommendation Pat.

  3. Z

    bd – fine, as long as no one cries ‘How’s That?’
    You might find yourself lbw. Or caught and bowled. I trust not caught behind, however……


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