Wednesday morning

This morning, we set out in search of somewhere to have a massage, a treat I’ve promised to Wink for her birthday present. It took rather a long time to find the place … and then it was closed. Hardly downhearted at all *sigh* we remembered a beauty salon we had passed the previous day. Maybe there?

Wink is really good at remembering places. We went back to the main road and I’d have had no idea whether to turn right or left, but she had her bearings. Above the salon was a coffee shop so we went in for a drink first (air con, bliss) and then I noticed, over the road … a place that did massages, facials, manicures and so on. That we hadn’t noticed yesterday – although, to be fair, its closing day was Tuesday.

So we trotted over the road, were greeted by two young women, then by the proprietress who speaks good English and we’ve both got a pedicure and a body massage booked for this afternoon.

After that, we went by auto rickshaw in search of shops. Actually, we’re not great shoppers, me and Wink. Now we are back at the hotel, have put our feet up for a bit and are heading down to meet Maja and Marina for lunch.

Laters, darlings


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3 comments on “Wednesday morning

  1. Z

    It was a ladies only emporium, John!

    Sorry I didn’t return y’day, Internet was down all night. Heading off out today on a tour.


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