Mad dogs and EnglishZ

I hasten to reassure you. I strode out into the heat of the day, I didn’t see any hydrophobic dogs: it’s a quotation.

One doesn’t walk on the pavements in India, because things are put on them and the paving slabs are often broken and uneven anyway. We wished we could because there would have been some shade, at least part of the time. But we kept going manfully, waving aside hopeful offers of rides in auto-rickshaws, until we reached the sea front, and then at least there was a breeze. We – well, Wink, who had the map – led the way to the tourist office. Having checked out what’s on offer, we’ve decided to take a bus tour on Thursday.

This afternoon we investigated the hotel pool, and very nice it is. On the rooftop with views of the city and out to sea, it’s secluded and, though small, pleasant.

I took with me a towel (brought from England), a sarong, a wrap-around skirt, sunglasses, a hat and my phone, as well as my swimsuit. Wink took her cozzie. Maybe our degrees of preparedness should meet in the middle? However, although there were plenty of towels there so I didn’t need mine, at least I didn’t have to change afterwards. I twisted the sarong into a top and wore the skirt. We really will try the roof-top restaurant tonight, having forgotten it yesterday.

Oh, and I went to a bank and changed a thousand rupee note. Quite a relief, it’s difficult to get hold of sufficient small change for tips and buying odd items.

Half past six here, darlings. Time for a drink, perhaps? Cheers.

Zoë x

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16 comments on “Mad dogs and EnglishZ

  1. Z

    One well-watered whisky before dinner, half a pint of Indian lager with dinner. I leave it to you to determine whether you think it’s an awful lot. Since I’m on holiday, it seems a moderate amount to me!

  2. Z

    Lzm, I might have accidentally deleted a comment. Very sorry if so, I don’t know how it happened.

    BW, I drink alcohol most days. I don’t care who knows it!

  3. Macy

    By a strange coincidence, forty rupees was handed in to us here in Finance today. Small change left over change from a director’s overseas trip and cash advance of hundreds.
    I calculated that’s = 40p….and wondered why he bothered….

  4. Z

    The next person to go will be grateful for those 40 rupees. It will be a suitable tip for the hotel porter. Two porters, even.

  5. Roses

    I agree, I should have gone with you.

    I could have made sure your alcohol consumption was eclipsed by mine…I could have been the middle ground for preparation. And I would have been happy tipping the porters.

    (I’m glad you’re having a good time out there. Enjoy your break. You deserve it).

  6. Mike and Ann

    In tropical climes
    there are certain times of day,
    when all the citizens retire to tear their clothes off and perspire.
    It’s one of those rules that the greatest fools obey,
    because the sun is far too sultry
    and you must avoid its ultry violet ray.

    Sorry, your title reminded me of that (it’ll be running through my head all day now). Anyway it’s obvious you’re having a lovely time; but do remember THAT one of Mr. Coward’s rules.

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  8. Blue Witch

    Definitely avoid any places advertised in that last spam link… surely if they have to resort to paying people to spam blog comments to secure bookings, then it can’t be that good? (or indeed, any good at all!)


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