We Have(n’t) The Power

This evening, a power cut. Of course, I was in the process of writing an email. A couple of minutes later, the power came on again. I waited a few minutes, to be sure it was not going off again, then turned on the computer, rewrote – pff – off went the electricity.

It stayed off.

A neighbour rang. She had phoned the electricity board; apparently it was a major power failure in the Waveney Valley. Yagnub and surrounding villages were off.

I was glad I’d turned on the (gas) Aga yesterday. I went round, gathering together candles and matches. In for the long haul here. I took matches upstairs to the bathroom, where there were already candles.

Not much over an hour later, the power came on again. Boo! I’d been looking forward to an evening of making our own entertainment (mm, yes). It wasn’t even dark enough to light the candles yet. Nor to provocatively blow them out again.

But the computer sulked for ages. It’s my own fault for having a Mac. I always choose a mongrel dog as I don’t want to be intimidated by having a dog with a smarter pedigree than my own. So why do I buy a pedigree computer?

3 comments on “We Have(n’t) The Power

  1. Geena

    An esential ingredient of a successful ‘no-power’ evening is definitely a partner or a friend to laugh with.

    On your own – it’s no fun at all. One just has to have an early night. Very boring.

    I’ve been thinking of getting a Mac – but am scared of them..lol..is it easy to use?

  2. Z

    Hi Geena – yes, you’ve a point. Children are good fun though when there’s no electricity – it’s so hard for them to get their heads round the fact that absolutely nothing works, it’s a real novelty for them. But you might as well go to bed when they do if you’re otherwise alone.

    I’m not the person to ask about Macs really as they are all I’ve ever had (I’m on my third), they never break down – I only replace one because I finally can’t resist the cool loveliness of the latest – and I’ve loved each of mine dearly. Years ago they were easier to use than pcs. Now they are probably much on a par. You need to get used to any new thing. For example, when I use a pc, I forget that you close a window by clicking on the top right corner instead of the top left. I do use Word though; the Mac programme is fine but it’s a pain to convert it before sending it as an attachment. Software can be expensive and if the boys would want to use it a lot for games it might be better to stick to a pc.

    When I decide to replace my computer I pretend to myself that I am seriously evaluating possibilities. But I always buy a Mac.

  3. Geena

    Well if I get a Mac the terrors will have this old banger for their games and stuff..lol…but thanks…I’ll probably stick with what I know..getting too old for new-fangled things…gah!


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