Peaceful. And green.

We went to the local Greenpeace fest today. In the circumstances, an awful lot of cars (ours included) – but it was thoroughly out in the sticks (our local sticks are called ‘The Saints’ and they are rather too widespread to march around) so a car was actually the most practical way of getting there.

a few fairly random pictures……

This chap was a bit freaky. He was costumed as a bald hunchback with a musical pram with a doll in it. He was kind enough to give a baby a cuddly toy, but Al was careful to keep Squiffany well away. She would have loved it, but it might have given Al nightmares.

What I particularly liked about this splendid penny-farthing bicycle was the cycle helmet hanging from the handlebars. I do not know the chap in the background, apologies to him for his unintentional inclusion.

A lovely day, sunny and warm, though very windy (more power cuts this morning). I bought lovely hand-made soap. We had some delicious icecream.My sons scoffed at me for searching out guaranteed salmonella-free ice cream, but I remember 1969, I have better hippy credentials than they do.

Actually, there are an awful lot of hippies around. I was impressed. Peace, man. Yeah. Groovy.

Look, this is authentic hippyness, not a pastiche. I was there. I am that old.

8 comments on “Peaceful. And green.

  1. Geena

    I clicked on the penny-farthing photo to better see the helmet…looks very Nazi-ish, no?

    Was it a very crafty-fair-ish sort of day then? Looks like fun – the Brits do know how to have a fair.

    Was there a scones and cream stall?

  2. Z

    I see what you mean about the helmet – but it’s the angle of the shot. A very peaceable affair, slogans such as ‘Arms are for embracing, not trading.’ Falafel and veggie burritos rather than scones, though there were home-made cakes.

    Advice on low-impact living – compost toilets, straw buildings.

    Dreadlocks, tie-died tee shirts, multi-coloured hair, safety pins sprouting from every visible orifice. An enjoyably retro experience, hippiness spiced with a touch of punk.

    Oh, and the teenage rock band’s electric guitars’ generators were powered by a lad on a bicycle.

  3. The Boy

    Nothing like a good fair, didn’t know Greenpeace did such things. I grew up in Vancouver, mum was one of the early members. Greenpeace marches and activity meetings were part of my childhood. You know a movement has grown up when it holds country fairs!

  4. Z

    hello Boy – and it appealed to all ages too, children, teens, right through to the grannies. There were an awful lot of people there, the pictures don’t show how busy it was.

    mm, falafel………


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