V for Regina

by all means, but her youngest son seems to have inherited his father’s sense of tact. Odd thing to say, don’t you think?

I started to sort out the heaving pile of papers reposing by my chair. I filled the waste-paper basket twice and put all the school-related stuff in box files which I loaded into a big plastic box, but then I rather lost interest and shoved everything else in one more pile. There was one folder of stuff that I didn’t find at all, so I’ll have to turn my attention to what’s on the other side of the chair, which I’d rather hoped to avoid touching for a bit. Still, at least Pugsley will be able to get to the bookcase now. I used to keep stuff properly filed, but it got away from me ages ago and I’m not sure that I’ll ever catch up.

Otherwise, I made chicken stock and then soup. I asked the Sage if he’d like the rest of the casserole from last night or the soup for dinner. “Yes please,” he said happily. “What, both?” “I’m hungry.” He was also cheery because his picture was in the paper today (the article, without picture). I’d not like to have my picture in the paper at all, being stupendously unphotogenic (the picture on the sidebar is rarely flattering), but he doesn’t seem to mind. He doesn’t look hideous in nearly all photos however, which might have something to do with it.

Did I mention that Weeza and Phil are getting a conservatory? The construction of it is starting on Monday. In an unusual move, it will double as a spare bedroom, so only complete exhibitionists will be invited to stay.

11 comments on “V for Regina

  1. Z

    4D, very little was going on at all, least of all in my brain. You type admirably when drunk, or do you have to do a lot of correcting? I suspect you’re the sort of chap who doesn’t suffer from hangovers?

    Thanks, Chairwoman, I’ll make a note to go and stay only in the summer. It’s needs must as their third bedroom, which is Zerlina’s at present, is minute and when she has a bed instead of a cot they want her to have the spare room. They have such a cheap mortgage at present that they don’t want to lose it by moving house.

    Thank you, Dave. What?

  2. weeza

    Erm, we will have blinds. It’ll be light unpleasantly early in the summer, but wotchagonnadoo.

    Don’t suppose you have Granny’s Parkin recipe?

  3. Z

    I know where to find everything by the level. It’s a vertical filing system. The Sage has a horizontal filing system, spread out over a table. And the floor.

    I hope everyone realised I was joking darling – I know you’ll have blinds. Anyway, as long as the bed is comfy enough, no one will mind. I’d love to sleep in a conservatory, it’s camping without having to put up a tent or sleep on a groundsheet.

    Auntie J gave me the recipe ages ago but I can’t find it at the moment. Ask her – she’s definitely got it. There’s nothing like Granny’s proper parkin, but make it a few days before you want to eat it, to mature.

  4. Z

    The only hangover I’ve had in years was the evening I tried a Bacardi Breezer. It tasted foully of chemicals and I felt dreadful the next morning, although it was all I drank, so it wasn’t the alcohol.

    I drink wine and whisky mostly. Beer in pubs.


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