U for tide be stuck by now, didn’t you?

Wait a couple of days, then you will see me flounder (all fish-based comments cheerily welcomed).

We were sorry to receive a message from Dave that he is ill – these final few days of bricklaying are proving problematical, but it’ll get done. I couldn’t have joined in anyway this morning, as I was looking after the children because Dilly was working, doing a Maths Challenge at the local library. I don’t know what parents send their children to this sort of thing in the holidays, or what sort of children enjoy doing it – I was quite reasonably studious as a child but holidays were sacrosanct and I’d not have appreciated being dumped on a maths teacher at half term. Anyway, just as well for Dilly’s pocket that other people don’t agree with me, as she’s been quite busy with tuition.

This afternoon, we went to Norwich, to the Castle Museum. We met Weeza and Zerlina and all had a splendid time. We saw the Man With Dirty Feet (check out the Iceni), the Disembodied Hand (cut off in a duel in 1600) and the Lowestoft Cat. I regretted, again, that they’ve got most of their Lowestoft collection put away, apparently in the name of making the remaining collection more “accessible” – that is, less museum-like. Nowadays, most museums have lovely displays, but not much in them and most of it aimed at children. Seeing my family’s enjoyment, though they are quite small, I try not to be curmudgeonly about it. Certainly, it’s an enjoyable place to visit and the staff are lovely.

A bit of a cock-up on the opera front – our friend Daphne rang, months ago, to say that a friend of hers is playing the lead in Falstaff in November at the theatre in Norwich and would we like to go, if she came up from Kent. The Sage doesn’t care for opera, but I said I’d go, and Daphne has another friend in Bury St Edmunds who also wanted to go – later it transpired that another friend of the latter’s wanted to go too. So I booked all tickets and Daphne paid me for the three. However, later it turned out that this weekend would be the start of my visit to Portugal, so I had to cry off. Then the friend of a friend did, and the friend is not at all well, and may not be able to come. Poor Daphne had the prospect of a three-plus hour drive to go to the opera on her own. However, good news. I asked Dilly and Weeza if they were interested – “I love the opera! Yes please!” said Weeza. “I’ve never been to the opera, I’d love to!” said Dilly. All sorted. A bit more liaising to do, and we don’t know if friend Sarah will be well enough yet, but the evening is saved. I’d love to go myself, but I’ll be staying near Bournemouth airport (it was news to me that Bournemouth had an airport) en route to Iberia.

12 comments on “U for tide be stuck by now, didn’t you?

  1. Z

    Well, I confess I used to do maths puzzles for fun as a child – my father had books of Hubert Phillips and *can’t remember the initials* Daubeny (going to have to check his name) puzzles and I did the Martin Gardner ones in Scientific American. But a lesson disguised as a Maths Challenge would have been something else.

    Dilly is a maths teacher, but she’s taking a year or so out and is just doing tuition to keep her hand in. And the wolf from the door.

  2. Z

    Henry Ernest Dudeney – we had Amusements in Mathematics too. Isn’t the internet fabulous?

    I’ve rather shot down my own argument against maths challenges, haven’t I?

  3. zIggI

    Bournemouth INTERNATIONAL airport don’t you know! When I lived there in was plain old Hurn airport and much the better for being so. I shall have to read backwards and see where you’re off to, how long and why 🙂

  4. Z

    *Waves back from a safe distance*. I wasn’t suggesting tomato soup you know Dave, but proper flu-blasting chicken soup. Offer still stands.

    I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it Ziggi, but Wink and the Bod are having a week in Portugal and invited me to go too. So i’ll be driving down to stay a night with her first – actually, could it be a chance for me to meet you? PM Friday 20th or am Sat 21st, or Sunday 29th when I’m on my way home again?

  5. Dave

    I’m amazed no-one’s mentioned:

    Britten’s: Albert Herring.

    or The Frying Dutchman.

    I could go on, but would hate anyone to sufer the pain of split sides.

  6. fourdinners

    fish based eh?


    Noah’s Ark. How come? Two of every animal and the rest drown in the flood and evil is eradicated.

    1) Can Giraffes be evil?
    2) What about the ducks? Why is the world not ruled by evil ducks?…and geese…and swans…
    3) (the fishy bit) How could a flood worry fish? Why aren’t evil fish in charge? Fundamentalist Trout for example….

    I need more vodka….

    well I possibly don’t….



  7. Z

    Dammit, Dave, I hurt myself falling on the floor laughing.

    4D, you make several good points there. Um. Although, while swans are inherently evil, ducks are adorable. And trouts are too ticklish to take over the world.


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