Update before Z heads West

As Liz says, the baby tortoises are really cute.  They’re attractive too, lovely shells with perfect markings.  And they’re quite happy to be handled, too.

Those of you who met Edweena last year will be pleased to know that her bladder is still in working order.  I’ve been giving her a daily bath, which is very good for tortoises and is supposed to relax them and help them recover from hibernation.  After eliminating some rather mucousy residue, she ate some leaves quite readily, which was a relief.  I’d really wanted to know she’d started to feed before I leave for Wiltshire.

I’ve been trying to catch up with everything before I leave, but I’ve several more items to do.  I reckon I’ll simply take my computer with me and a pile of papers – at least I’ll be quiet for the first day or two and can concentrate on the task in hand.

I haven’t spoken to Wink yet, she was still quite dozy when I rang, but her neighbour visited later and said she’s feeling pretty good.  I will call in at the hospital on my way down tomorrow – it’s about three-quarters of an hour away from her house.  Her nice neighbour has promised to leave some supper for me.

Rupert will go home tomorrow.  Ben will miss him very much.  So will we – I’ll miss everyone, of course.  Ro came over this morning, which was lovely.  I made some very good spinach soup for lunch – really simple, onions slowly cooked in butter and olive oil, the spinach added with a pint of vegetable stock and a good grating of nutmeg, cooked just long enough to wilt, then whizzed fairly smooth and some milk and a little cream, salt and pepper added.  It looked a fabulous bright sludge and tasted fresh and good.  We had it with crumpets.

A few pictures –

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