Universal Granny

Funny that there isn’t time for housework, but there always is for cooking. And eating.

Zerlina has started to laugh this week. I was lucky enough to be the recipient of her chuckles yesterday, while Weeza was out at the hairdressers. Later, I sang to her and she started to smile again – she is a remarkably smily baby – and Weeza got out the camera and started to film us as Phil gets home too late to see much of her in the evening. It was woefully embarrassing, being filmed singing nursery rhymes, but I carried on as if not deeply mortified.

Today, went into school for a Year 9 music lesson again. I do like the children. Not having to put up with them for more than 100 minutes a week, and not having any direct responsibility for them (except as a governor), I can remain cheerful even when they’re cheeky or misbehave. It was interesting, a couple of weeks ago, seeing them with another person in a position of authority whom they appeared not to respect. They were a bit difficult and not at all how they behave with the music teacher – nor even with me. But then I’m old enough to be their grandmother and I’d not hesitate to play the assertive card if necessary, although I’m normally gentle and jokey with them. If I see someone doing something that a teacher would have to tell them to stop, but which is no big deal, I just grin. Or make a point of not noticing. In fact, I behave like an indulgent grandmother who has Boundaries, now I come to think of it.

Other people’s teenagers are much easier than one’s own. It’s a wonder my children and I all talk to each other, really.

8 comments on “Universal Granny

  1. Z

    That’ll be fine, Caitlin. I’m afraid I’ll encourage them not to take life very seriously though.

    D’bum – yes, I suspect you didn’t take well to authority. Your parents’, maybe, but not your schoolteachers’.

    Grandmother of three to boot, Dave. Indeed, if Weeza had started her family at the age I did, I could have teenage grandchildren now.

  2. How do we know

    Am happy to hear Zerlina is smiling now.. and i notice that now you write the full names of the kids.. that makes my job much easier 😉 (not that i dont enjoy the other things you write about, but these two are just the top attention things for me)

    AND.. that last line is hilarious… other people’s teenagers…

    Also liked it that Weeza is getting a Xmas Present she likes 🙂

    Good Going!


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