No time

Sorry, I haven’t read emails except business ones and hardly any blogs. All getting a bit on top. I’ll catch up soon.

Tonight, I went to the high school’s music concert, which I greatly enjoy each year. It made me think of a class concert that a girl organised when I was at school. She came up with the idea in a ‘hey! let’s put on the show Right Here!’ sort of manner, so I agreed to join in, never thinking it was going to happen.

I learned several things that day. Well, I learned one and had my instincts confirmed about two others (I did the right thing, was not wise after the event).

One. I may have taken part in the school play with confidence and even have enjoyed it, but playing the piano is a bit different, as nerves go straight to the fingertips.

Two. There’s no point in stopping. It only draws attention to your mistakes and your nerves. Keep going, but play as fast as possible. You may bluff them.

Three. It is always wise not to tell your parents about times you’re likely to make a tit of yourself. Then your kind mother will not try to console you, which would destroy the faint hope that *two* had worked.

10 comments on “No time

  1. Dave

    Keep going is wise advice in many areas, although not all. It’s certainly what I do when reading the OT and come across strange and peculiar names – it’s unlikley anyone in the congregation will know the correct pronunciation anyway, is my theory.

  2. Z

    Ooh, it was miserable, LZM. I played with vigour, hitting very few right notes and I can’t imagine what the listeners thought.

    Dave, you do realise that your congregation assumed you were saying the names correctly and that you led them astray?

  3. Z

    Dave, that’s my mission in life too. Or maybe you do it by accident?

    Jamie, I learned early the art of self defence.

    Manic, d’you know, when I did anything well I’m not sure my mum was ever there to see it (my father having died young). But on the whole, I think you and I are a lovely pair of tits.

    Ziggi, disappointed as you are, see it from her point of view. Which is mine, too. And my children’s.


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