Tomorrow’s the day….

I’ve never been less prepared for anything than the various events of this week – CBT, interviews, party.  But it’s like any fixed date, it arrives and somehow one is ready for it.  The doctor says that the hospital may fit R in for a scan before the end of the week, which will really scupper my plans – I’ve got several appointments that I’ll just have to cancel.  Weeza is bringing Gus over on Friday: the idea is that we will have a nice convivial day with our friend Daphne, up from Canterbury, but I may have to leave Hay with them if we get the call.  R is very thin, darlings, I’m afraid you’ll be shocked when you see him on Saturday.  He says he feels ok, no pain or discomfort, just not much appetite and he’s understandably low in energy.

Edweena still isn’t eating, I feel so sorry for her.  She is quite perky and active, but the worming tablet (I suppose it was a tablet, might have been an injection) seems to have taken her appetite away.  I even offered her cucumber – which isn’t bad for her but has almost no nutrition, being mostly water).  The Tots are fine, very cheerful and munching away happily.

Rabbits having got into the veg garden and eaten almost everything (luckily, they seem not to care much for spinach and courgettes, so that’s what we’ll live on this summer), I’ve bought some runner bean plants.  I daren’t plant them until I’m sure our wire defences are sound, though.  I suppose we should have built a wall all round the kitchen garden – that would be lovely, actually, though I don’t suppose I’ll ever get round to it now.

Tomorrow, my bike test.  It’s the fairly simple one – I know that getting a full licence is pretty demanding – but it seems quite daunting enough for me.  I’ve been testing myself on the Highway Code and observation tests – I hope I’ll be ok there, but riding on the road is – I think it’ll be pretty scary.  Will I get out of first gear?  I’ll have to, won’t I.



6 comments on “Tomorrow’s the day….

  1. tim

    Oh, I do hope Russell is all right; give him my best wishes (though he almost certainly won’t remember me!). So sorry I can’t be there for the party – so it goes…

  2. allotmentqueen

    Ok, best of luck tomorrow. But I’m sure you won’t need it. You’ve done the preparation, so now either you’re supposed to pass it or you’re not. And yes, first gear is a bit pedestrian.

    And I hope Russell is alright. At least, hopefully, the scan will tell you something which is better than just now knowing.

    Fingers crossed on both counts. xxxxxxxxxx

  3. sablonneuse

    Hope you pass the test. I’m sure will!

    Have a great time on Saturday. There are always cobwebs in my house but I ignore them. So will your guests no doubt. It’s you (and the food and drink!) they’re coming for isn’t it?

  4. Pontillius

    Sorry I can’t make the party, but I live a long way away; my bicycle has a puncture and my car has been re-possessed, and to cap it all Matron says I can’t go anyway, because I have to take my medication at 6pm.


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