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I was signed out, as sometimes happens, and I finally discovered the message that you get when you’re signing in (unless you remain signed in, I suppose).  I can’t remember why, but I did ask Ro to insert a captcha/veriification and I think this one is quite funny.  So my apologies, and maybe I’ll become less paranoid at some time, but I haven’t been taken over by rogue ‘bots and it’s all ok.

I’m barely keeping up with things at present, though I have bluffed my way through so far and will continue to do so – the trick is, not to lie about it.  Say ‘oh bugger, thanks for reminding me, I’ll do it now’ and you are sympathised with and forgiven.  Pretend it’s right there on your desk in front of you and you might get away with it once, but that’s all, and it’s benefit of the doubt at best, even then.  I stopped doing that about 30 years ago.  Just own up and take responsibility, or admit you need help.

The week has filled up.  So on Saturday, if you look closely into the corners, there will be dust and cobwebs.  Sorry – let’s take it that you then go home and feel pretty good about your standard of housework.  I’ve invited you because I like you very much and hope that you’ll enjoy a get-together and there will be Food!  And several of you are bringing Puddings!  Which is very kind.  I have quantities of wine – well, of course – and a visit to the supermarket will bring in the non-alcoholic stuff that most of you will drink most of, and the main course is planned.  It’ll be simple, meat and fish and salad and cheese.

The last few days have been a bit busy with sorting out insurances and so on.  I’m still not quite there and will tell you more in due course.  Edweena has been grumpy today and probably exhausted, and hasn’t eaten – I’ve only seen one of the tots but, from the amount of food that vanished, I think they both ate.  The chickens knocked over their 6 litre water container, so went thirsty overnight, silly girls.  I’m not sure if I mentioned, we found one last week that had been living away, naughty girl – I wondered if she had somehow got out, but managed to count them and we’ve got 29 hens and a cock, so she is certainly an extra.  Russell has taken pity on a broody hen and put four eggs under her – I can’t help hoping that only one will hatch.

7 comments on “Thinking about the Blog Party

  1. Roses

    I always have slight anxiety when I do Captcha forms – what if I get it wrong?

    I’m really looking forward to Saturday. What would you like me to bring? Shall I do a fruit salad? Something refreshing if the weather is hot?

    I’m so looking forward to seeing Edweena & the tots. I missed them last time. Also, Dave doesn’t have to rush off to make sure he gets to bed at stupid o’clock because of the Norwich 100! 😀

  2. Z Post author

    About 12.30, Indigo. I should add it to the top, I have been remiss!

    Sorry Roses – I am the same with passwords. I think I can remove it really, or keep it and do away with registering perhaps, because I’ve now got a plug-in that catches trackback spam, so my problems seem to be over at present.

    It would be lovely, thank you – Ann is bringing Summer Pudding, Weeza is bringing Eton Mess and Indigo is bringing profiteroles and I’m going to try those ludicrously decadent Nutella brownies – but there are not going to be huge numbers this year, so don’t bring anything massive.

    I hope the weather will be fine and we can all troop down to the tortoises – poor Edweena is still grumpy after her day out on Sunday (I suspect it was the worming that upset her) and she hasn’t eaten since, so I won’t bring her up to the house if it can be avoided. The Norwich 100 was the Sunday before last, wasn’t it? – Phil cycled it. Of course, he has to cycle 20 miles to Norwich and back now as well, but that doesn’t seem to bother him.

    1. Roses

      Don’t worry, it’s only mild anxiety. If I have a full blown panic attack, I’ll beg you to change the system. In the meantime, I’ll cope.

      Yes, it was the weekend before last. Dave mended punctures, rescued stranded cyclists and ferried the exhausted around.

      I should think Phil cycled it all and wondered why people were making such a fuss.

      Okay, I’ll bring a small fruit salad then. It can offset the guilt at cramming your brownies. 🙂

  3. Z Post author

    I’ll do a trial run first (no, I won’t eat them all. Iron self-control, darling, and a pair of size 8 jeans not to grow out of) and some fruit salad to counteract the Nutella would be lovely.

  4. Liz

    I made some coconut oat crunchies this morning, this time with the proper coconut oil in them. I can’t taste the coconut myself but I will get Sir B to sample them when he gets home and if they pass muster, I shall bring some with me tomorrow. They are more biscuit then pudding, but I am limited to what I can transport on the back of Sir Bruin’s trusty steed!

    1. Z Post author

      How lovely, thank you. I make a point of sampling all the things that kind people bring, so I shall be very happy!


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