I received an email yesterday afternoon. Its title was, eponymously enough, TLC. ‘Aw’, I thought (should a thought have quotation marks? I’m not sure so, bet-hedgingly, I’ll just put in one), ‘someone is thinking kind thoughts and is sending them to me.’ I opened the email. ‘Reminder – TLC meeting tomorrow at 2.00. Look forward to seeing you there, *****.’ *

Yup, Teaching and Learning Committee at the High School.

Maybe they will have sticky buns though, they have lovely sticky buns at the high school sometimes, with pink icing. And their quiche is gorgeous, far better pastry than I can make, more filling than pastry and just a touch more than a hint of mustard. Gilly and her team are great cooks, and their great cookery predates Jamie O’s campaign.

Maybe I take Teaching and Learning rather less seriously than tlc?

* to preserve the anonymity of the sender, even though he didn’t send it but asked a secretary to do it instead.

Unwisely (?) I have offered on an impulse to do lunch here for 16 or so, on the day of the interviews for the new Rector. I realise that the main reason I have done so is to have the opportunity to cast my own eye on the candidates. I was glad to offload the job of the interviewing itself, largely because I am not as churchy as it looks as if I am and I am not sure what I should be looking for.
I suppose the bishop is coming. Ah. Better get out the good wine then.

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