Losing some of its stuffing

A friend visited Get Stuffed today. And bought from them too. Al went there yesterday. At about 11.30, but Eileen was only in for the morning, so he wanted to have got through the pre-lunch rush and have eaten before 1 o’clock, in time for the lunchtime rush – siesta afterwards, then there is an about-to-pick-up-the-children-from-school rush, followed by the picked-up-the-children, getting-something-for-tea rush, then the jesus, shops-about-to-close rush (doesn’t count as blasphemy if there isn’t a capital J, anyway, god has other things to think about and doesn’t care).

So, he visited Get Stuffed; at least, that was his intention. But there was no one in the shop, just a woman with her hair in a bandana, propping up the doorway with a cigarette hanging from her lip. Al was a bit disconcerted and kept walking. A few minutes later, he walked back. She was still there. He just didn’t fancy a sandwich any more, especially an overpriced one (and that was before he knew about the cold bacon).

So that was another customer they lost.

I walked past at about half-past twelve today. No customers. Woman in bandana and man who was harassed were both behind the counter. I didn’t buy anything, I went home for lunch.

3 comments on “Losing some of its stuffing

  1. wendz

    Oh my – Al’s day sounds similar to mine..rush rush rush….

    I just don’t get that shop….not at all….a cold bacon sarney? Pfffft!

  2. Z

    bd – Sometimes it takes a few attempts!
    Artichoke cooking and eating instructions provided. You’re a man of taste – I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

    wendz – yes, he works long hours. And his wife now works on his half day, so he minds the baby that day, which he loves but gets no rest. Still, he’s young. And happy.


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