Time to buy a new sofa

I was sitting here wondering what to write about when I remembered I had photos.  Oh good.  I’ve grown vegetables rather than flowers for many years, but now we just don’t need all the vegetables, it being just the two of us here now.  I’ve been flagging anyway for a while, they’re so much work and I couldn’t spare time or energy for the couple of hours a day which was the minimum I used to spend in the kitchen garden in the summer.  So I’ve just got a few vegetables this year, have given the veg garden to the chickens for now and have been enjoying the flower bed I planted last year.

Please ignore random blocks of concrete in the first picture.  My husband can’t see any space without wanting to put something there that I don’t want.  They will stay until I either move them or get cross.
Ben loves to have a cuddle.  However, I’ve moved the sofa from this room into the bungalow (old loose cover finally fell apart and the alternative one didn’t go with the other chairs.  Actually, none of our armchairs look too good together any more. New sofa will be bought in due course) and there’s really not room for the two of us in one armchair.  The header photo shows him using me as a cushion, as Blue Witch put it, and these two demonstrate me being his head rest.  I had been sitting in that chair until he squirmed me off it, and Russell had to bring me a child’s small wooden chair to perch on, which was the right height for Ben’s head.  It was getting a bit uncomfortable, squatting there once he’d pushed me off.

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