Tim Hen Man

LT has become a chicken wrangler – or a chick wrangler at any rate which, come to look at it, seems to mean a quite different thing, so I’d better explain.

Yesterday, I managed to separate the three pullets from the two young cocks.  I let all the bantams out, which doesn’t happen often these days and, when they went to the hen house to roost in the evening, the three young girls joined them, as I’d hoped.  They are nice-natured chickens, who don’t tend to pick on individuals or newcomers.

This meant that the big coop was free and I could put the 8 week old (nearly) chicks in it from their little triangular pen.  But first we had to catch them and it wasn’t very easy, because Wince had made it, most kindly, but didn’t realise that the side needed to be openable in order to reach any part of the coop.  It took about half an hour and Tim, all unaided, caught several of the chickens for me, one with his bare hands!  The alternative was a net, I should add.

Anyway, the upshot was that they have all been caught and transferred, with their mother – I”d have put her back with her siblings/cousins, but she made it clear that she wanted to be with her babies.  The three pullets were a bit uncertain tonight, once they realised that their former home had been taken over, but they scuttled into the run when I threw food down.

I have four broody bantams.  They are all in a three-seater nest box, sitting on six china eggs.  It’s all very soothing in there.



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