Tim’s back, and so things are good again in this neck of the woods, with due respect and loving thoughts for Brussels and the latest appalling atrocity.

I’ve been putting off the time when I would phone my friend to come and deal with the surplus cockerels, but it had to be done sometime, so I gave him a ring yesterday.  And this morning, I managed to catch them separately and have put them in their own coop.  I feel quite dreadful about it, but there’s nothing else to be done.  He’ll come later this week.

The sun shone and it felt springlike, so I put the tortoises out in their run this morning.  They were very excited and scurried round at breakneck speed.  Later, when I went out again, they were all napping, so (after a search for Natasha, who had hidden) I brought them back again.  Early May is probably soon enough for them to stay out for the summer.

I washed the drawing room windows, which I’ve been meaning to do as soon as we had a mild day.  Looking at them, there’s a smear, though, so I’ll have to check whether it’s indoors or out.  I think I’ve done quite enough for one day, however, so if it’s on the outside it’ll have to wait until tomorrow.  I mean, sheesh.  That was six panes, both sides, it took great effort.  I’d meant to wash the porch windows too, but it was sunny in there so I sat and relaxed and didn’t listen to the news, not yet.

This afternoon, I’m going to sit next to Tim and hug him.


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  1. Z Post author

    Well, not very fast in mph, or even kph. But they’ve got really short legs and so they verily twinkle along.

    We’re soppy, it’s true, and completely unembarrassed about it!


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