The Zoe project

I started this personalised nutrition plan today, a couple of days later than originally intended, because Ro and the children came over on Sunday and I needed a day to focus on it. Most of the focus was on eating dispiriting muffins. Three for breakfast and two for lunch and nothing else until at least two hours after the lunchtime ones. It was hard to choke them down. Solid yet unsatisfying, sweet but not tasty. More than I wanted to eat, certainly within the 15 minutes stipulated. Still, it’s done, I’m monitoring my blood glucose levels (implant and app) and have posted off the blood test. I’m supposed to do a poo test too but my body has rebelled and it’ll have to wait until that becomes possible.

I don’t seem to have had massive swings in blood sugar levels as yet, but I’m to try different combinations of foods to see what effect it has over the next couple of weeks. I dunno. It’s an expensive way of contributing to research, I think, but I remain optimistic.

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