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It was dark by 5 o’clock this evening, of course.  Can’t bear it, we’re still in autumn.  I wouldn’t mind so much in December.  I hoped that last year would be the last time the clocks went back in the autumn, but rumours were premature.

At least an extra hour this morning gave us time for a leisurely breakfast.  The Sage brought me a cup of tea in bed.  When I was up and dressed, “would you like a poached egg for breakfast?” he asked hopefully – this was a suggestion rather than an offer, I doubt he’s ever poached an egg, although he’s accomplished in the art of frying and scrambling.  I daresay he would not be too daunted by the thought of hard-boiling come to that.

We had just finished eating when the phone rang.  It was a prearranged interview with an EDP reporter.  Yes indeed, my star of radio and newspaper will be in the paper again tomorrow.  Someone asked him to autograph a catalogue on Friday.  I suppose it was slightly tongue in cheek, but maybe I should start saving all scraps of paper with his writing on, to keep our grandchildren in luxury in a few years’ time.

I did, however, draw the line this evening (not on paper, you understand) when he asked me which buyer had paddle number 21, at dinner time.  He wanted to talk about the sale again.  I was starting to relax for the evening, and a discussion about work wasn’t on the cards.  It’s a penalty of working with one’s husband and also working from home that we’re never outside office hours.  Of course, a lot of people deal with business emails at the weekend, it’s tempting to get them out of the way rather than clutter up half of Monday morning, and we’ve always had phone calls at any time of any day, but I think that dinner time on a Sunday needn’t be a time for dealing with the smallest details.  I said so, reasonably politely, and he was quite surprised, but put his papers down good-naturedly.  I did look it up later of course.

Some of you will know that there have been ructions in Blogland over the last week, resulting in some friendships strengthening and others being broken.  At least two people are no longer blogging, at least for the time being.  Yesterday, I decided the time had come to explain to him what has been going on, since he knows some of the people involved (of whom I’m one, in fact).  After a few minutes, I looked over at him.  He was fast asleep.  So I shall not trouble you with the details, just tell you that I’m not affected personally and I’m still blogging.  But that last, you had probably worked out already.

9 comments on “The Sage talks shop

  1. Macy

    Sorry about the clocks going back and all that – apparently it’s to keep Scotland happy.
    But personally I’ve never been so glad in my lifeof an extra hour this weekend!
    And blog trouble? What blog trouble….?

  2. Rog

    I bet if he’d said “Can you remember the name of the chap who walked off with the £34,500 jug and bowl without paying?” you would have been more concerned.

  3. Jane and Lance Hattatt

    Hello Z:
    Oh, the disadvantage of working from home which so often is a two edged sword. A luxury on one hand, but one from which there can never be a true escape.

    And did you do poached eggs?! As for ructions in the Blogosphere these have, as far as we are aware, happily passed us by.

  4. Z

    Scotland is now happy? If that were so, it would be well worth it, Macy. And it was never going to happen with Scottish/Scottish educated PMs, Scarlet. The chickens aren’t too happy, von LX, they gathered round the door yesterday, sending the big brown one forward as a spokesbantam, to say their lunch was late.

    I think I’m going to have to call time on business conversations, Lance and Jane, from dinner onwards. It takes me hours to wind down enough to sleep, nowadays! Yes, we had a newly-laid poached egg each – if an egg is more than two days old, it’s not worth poaching, I think!

    I’d have assumed it was a test of my memory, Rog! Both the Sage and I are blindingly trustful, we have no doubt that the buyer will come up with the money this week. If not, expect the family silver on eBay, because we’ll be liable.

    And I’m pleased to find what a small teacup the storm has been contained in.

  5. Z

    Ooh, Dallas, my sister watched that and when it was repeated, made me watch it. For the whole of the first series, I couldn’t tell Pam and Sue Ellen apart. I was really bad at face recognition then.


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