Darling Ziggi

A few weeks ago, my friend Ziggi told me that she had cancer.  I couldn’t tell anyone, she wasn’t making it public on Facebook or blog yet, but now she has.  If you know her, do drop in at her new blog and give her a hug.  When she spoke to me, she had started to lose her hair, quite suddenly although not, of course, unexpectedly.  I don’t think anything prepares you for that: it seems, from a distance, as if it’s the trivial part but I have come to believe that it’s the thing that knocks you back hardest and brings home to you that you are ‘differently’ ill from any other time – but it does grow back.

I’m afraid that ovarian cancer tends to be something that you have to live with, rather than be cured from, for a while.  Ziggi is young, has two gorgeous daughters, and has dumped a husband who wasn’t fit for purpose, so has everything to get better for.  She also introduced me to delicious white tea – which is so delicate that you mustn’t make it with boiling water – and made actual scones, with jam and clotted cream, so counts as a best friend.  I look forward to seeing her on my next visit South-West – shall I make the scones next time, Zig?

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  1. Jane and Lance Hattatt

    Hello Z:
    Friends at times like this are so terribly important, we know from our own experience. The fact that one is aware that there are people whose support one can rely upon, who know when to talk and when to keep silent, who know how to make one laugh and are there for when only crying will do is so very, very significant.We are sure that Ziggi is so pleased to have your friendship in her life right now.

  2. Z

    I can’t say that I know Ziggi well, we have only met once – but, as you know, bloggers can become very close and care deeply for each other. I don’t think that, previously, she felt strong enough to cope with a sudden onrush of sympathy from everyone, if you know what I mean.

  3. Macy

    I went over to Ziggi’s to leave a comment. I hardly now her at all, but I don’t think you can ever get too much sympathy at times like this.

    You’re bang on about how bad hair loss is, Z. Though I’m hoping you might be wrong about her otherhalf and he might show himself to be fit for purpose yet.

    Sometimes this happens.

  4. Roses

    If he’s not fit for purpose, he’s best off out the way. He’ll only get under-foot and make things much worse. Humpf.

    I feel very protective of my blogging community. It grieves me so, that we are close in spirit with so much distance in the flesh.

  5. Mike and Ann

    In the same boat at the moment Z. A younger sibling. A few days of the chemotherapy gave him a mild heart attack, so the treatment has to be rethunk. I think the comfort/support of family and friends is important and the only thing that can be of any help.

  6. Z

    Ziggi has had health problems for the last three years which stemmed from a horse-riding accident caused by a speeding car.

  7. mig

    She’s been one of the funniest and most likable bloggers I know, through all the back trouble and subsequent difficulties. It seems so unfair after all she’s coped with to be landed with yet another trial. It’s good to know she has support from her girls.

  8. Pat

    I hope Ziggy get all the positive help, kindness and excellent treatment that MTL and I have received this last year. All vitally important for a good recovery.

  9. Z

    I liked her hugely, Mig, and she and her younger daughter were so welcoming. I stayed far too long!

    I hope, Pat, that you felt the warm support of your internet friends. I know that Zig will receive the same.

    Von LX, oh bugger. Horrible timing. Although, is it best to get it the worst of the marriage breakdown over right at the start, while you’re still in shock? Not that there’s any ‘best’. Oh dear.

  10. Phil

    Anyone who can make decent scones has a lot to live for. Here’s hoping Zig pulls through. Not least so that she can show the good-for-nothing ex what he’s missing out on.


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