The rain, it raineth on the just….but not on the Z

I hope none of the Norfolk people who were flooded out read this, but today’s heavy rain might be partly my fault. I said, yesterday, that I intended to spend some time taking photographs – weather permitting. Well, it was lovely yesterday and I didn’t switch on the television or the radio, so I don’t know if it was forecast. Anyway, shops, houses, schools, all flooded when 2 inches of rain fell in quite a short time.

It didn’t rain that much here. Quite hard, on and off, but it had time to run off/soak in in between downpours. And, since I am blessed with timing, it was never raining when I had to go out.

I listened to the weather forecast this evening (as I still need to take the photos) but I didn’t hear it. There is nothing so hard to take in as a weather forecast. I cannot concentrate. If I do, I forget what has been said before the weatherperson has finished saying it. They keep trying to make it sound interesting, but all that means is that they waffle too much and I stop listening altogether. At least one can look it up online. According to the BBC website, sunny intervals. I’ll just have to take photos during sunny intervals then, won’t I.

7 comments on “The rain, it raineth on the just….but not on the Z

  1. Z

    I am not the auctioneer myself, my husband is the professional. But it’s a family-run business.

    Luck is winging its way to you right now, with my love.

  2. Anonymous

    Well it has finally stopped raining here…but no floods..the ground just soaks it up…although the stream at the edge of the field is roaring…sounds like a massive river thundering away.

    I got wet yesterday. Very wet. Soaking wet. My shopping got wet too. Bah. I always end up having to park 10 miles from the shop entrance.

  3. mhari

    There’s no point listening to the weather forecast anyway. You might as well take up rune casting if you want to know what the weather is going to be like. It would be more accurate. I especially loved those reports that said August was going to be hotter than July. And of course that was never a hurricane, was it Michael?

  4. Anxious

    z – I so agree with you on weather forecasts. They provide so much supporting fluff, when all you really need to know is:

    The temperature
    Whether or not it will rain/snow

    I usually end up looking on teletext or on the web.

  5. Z

    Banana, it is not so much talent as luck. And the experience of vast age, of course, which will come to you in due course. Though dog walking in the rain has its pleasures, unlike shopping.

    Anxious – Why do they not realise that entertainment is unnecessary? They know it’s boring, but try to make it more elaborate when what is really needed is simplicity and a written summary at the end in case you missed the start.


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