Another pot of coffee on the go

I didn’t get the photos done after all. Tomorrow. The ones for the catalogue have been taken, of which there are only a few, but everything is illustrated on the website and I’ve another day or two in hand for that. I’ve typed up, though not properly set out, the catalogue, all but a few more pieces which are arriving tomorrow and which I’ll add before it goes off to be printed at the High School. The reprographics department is self-financing and so can do outside work at very reasonable rates, school commitments permitting. There is also a very good printers in Yagnub which I use for other work, and which well undercuts Norwich rates.

We are very fortunate, in that we have a business that we love and in that we are semi-retired (my husband receives a pension) and so have time for other things. Though, having got back from a churchwardens’ meeting at half past nine, I discovered emails that had to be dealt with straight away and it is only now, an hour later, that I can get back to the catalogue. I am out tomorrow morning and so have to do it now.

Squiffany is convinced she talks in sentences. Indeed, she does; it is our loss that we don’t always understand them. Individual words are clear, but more than two strung together are unintelligible to us and so need tactful questioning, so that she can answer ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Dilly has an appointment at the hospital tomorrow morning, and will probably be booked in then, whether for Thursday, Friday or next Monday. She is really hoping that she goes into labour naturally and so has been for a drive in Al’s bumpy trade van tonight. Keep your fingers crossed. You will, I promise, be among the first to know.

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  1. Anonymous

    With Squiff, when he refused to be born, I went walking. Not mild walking though. I lived in Argentina in a very hilly, rocky area and I clambered like mad..up and down…for ages.

    He still didn’t come so I took the pick-up and went driving over all those rocky places. He still didn’t come. So I took castor oil and all it did was give me diarrheoa.

    Then I went into hospital to be induced..and he still didn’t come. So I had a c-section.

    (He was 10 days overdue by then.)

    What a mission.

    I hope Dilly has the baby soon. Fingers are crossed.

  2. Anonymous aunts name (my Mom’s sister) is Delicia and we all call her Dilly..she hates it. Says it makes her sound silly and stupid. Which she isn’t.


  3. Z

    Geena, Dilly had a similar experience (though without the hoo-ha beforehand) and so is hoping for a natural birth this time. Only 18 months later, they won’t induce but will go straight for the caesarean, though they will allow a (carefully monitored) natural birth. She’d prefer that, as she wants to get out of hospital quickly, and be able to pick up the children.

    I think Dilly is rather pretty, though my D-I-L’s real name suits her better. I was going to give them all pseudonyms, but couldn’t be bothered in the end! Abbreviations were as far as I could get.

  4. Clarice

    Hi Z
    I’ve got a Silly. She’s my parents’ Dilly. She calls my mother Milly, though I think she draws the line at calling my father Filly. I’ve got a Billy too though.


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