This morning, I was reading Doc, who was explaining why she has been going outside for a smoke rather than blogging, as a way of keeping herself sane with three children at home. “You’re invoking the Sanity Clause? ” I thought. “But there ain’t no Sanity Claus.”

Imagine my startled brain a few minutes ago when sitting down with lunch and the papers, I read Ken Russell’s column. He quoted the very same line.

Yesterday, I got a strong urge to listen to Pearl Jam. When I read Badgerdaddy, while the CD was still playing, he was reminiscing about their concert which he went to a few weeks ago.

I’d say I feel like Cassandra, but she was a prophet of doom and I only have happy thoughts. I know it’s all well within the bounds of likelihood really, but it does feel spooky.

8 comments on “Synchronicity

  1. AFC 30K

    can I have some of your happy thoughts – my thoughts are all tinged with an air of frustrated resignation that my job will always be crap….

  2. Z

    I will put all my positive thoughts towards your interview going well next Tuesday. When a job has become crap it’s hard to keep your spirits up.


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