15 comments on “Portraits

  1. Dave

    How demure you look.

    Don’t feel any need to give credits for where you found this application, by the way, as I pinched the idea from Phil anyway.

    No, really.

  2. Z

    Oh bum. I do apologise. I sort of thought everyone who reads me reads you too. Of course, it will be rectified immediately.

  3. Z

    Either way, you have me at a disadvantage. But I said not one word about sensitivity, which is all I have in my favour.

  4. Z

    I only changed the hair colour on me, and shortened Ro’s hair and gave him a shirt (they’d dressed him in a singlet, which is not him at all). It’s very like him, except he has a chin.

    Marge is my idol, Murph, but I’m really more like Homer. My skin is, of course, lily-white.


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