We’ve had a fairly relaxing weekend, which was much wanted. Eloise cat has been quite fractious when I haven’t been prepared to follow all her wishes, but amenable when I have. I’m doing my best but it’s not easy.

I’m hoping to visit dear Mike this week, and will phone Ann tomorrow. He’s home and their daughter has been with them until today. It sounds as if he’s doing really well and I really want to see them and give a hug. Dave’s funeral is on Thursday and that’s very much on our minds.

But we take each day for itself and the weather has been lovely, sunny and warm but not too hot. I spent most of the morning on the lawn, just relaxing with the paper. I tried having Eloise with me but she wasn’t at all happy, she wanted to lie a few yards away with me standing there in the sun, being meek. If I wouldn’t, she’d have a strop. Indeed, at one point she hissed at me, which has never happened before. But all is tranquil now. Once the heat of the day was over, I followed her into the long grass and sat on a chair for over an hour while she settled herself, moving a short way once in a while, grooming herself and enjoying the evening air.

Nothing has been done with the chillies yet. It’s too hot to do much cooking. I make no complaint. I love sunshine.

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