Still five

1 Wink is very pleased to have been put on the waiting list for a new hip, because she’s finding it difficult to get about at present.  I know what it’s like and completely sympathise.  It’ll probably be November, which will suit her nicely.

2 I feel so mean, I’ve been to buy a muzzle for Ben.  I really want to let him out in the garden, but I’m not having the bantams terrorised and he’s got to learn they are not to be bothered.  In the meantime, at least he can’t pick them up and take them for a jog round the garden.  I took him in the car to the pet shop to have the right size fitted, but the assistant had to come out to the car.  He’s not keen on the car and it takes two people to load him, one for the back and one for the front because he’s heavy.

3 I also bought a gizmo called a Shedder, because he’s still moulting.

It doesn’t look as if it does much, but it combs out loose hair in vast quantities.  It feels quite scratchy on the hand, but Ben likes it – I suppose it glides over the hair and doesn’t scratch the skin.  
4 Martina sent me a recipe for an olive oil cake which she thoroughly recommends, though she suggests adding more lemon juice and zest.  She also has a recipe for chocolate olive oil cake, I’ll ask her for that recipe too.  I have no idea what kosher salt is, or what might make it non-kosher.
5 I have been startlingly efficient this morning and dealt with several items of paperwork, which I have sent off by email or post.  I have also hoovered – but I had to, after using the Shedder.  I’m turning into one of those people that scare me, but I’m confident it’s temporary.

12 comments on “Still five

  1. Z

    In number 2, I should clarify that it’s the back and front of Ben, not that he takes up the entire car.

    I don’t want to change that radically, Rog, not for more than a day or two!

    That was the sort of thing I had in mind, John, but the advantage of this is that you don’t have to comb out the comb.

  2. martina

    Ben needs a dog harness. That is the only way I’ve been able to get stubborn dogs into the car. Kipper has one she wears on walks too. It dissuades her from pulling when she sees toys errr squirrels and cats.

  3. Z

    The halti stops him pulling, but I think it would still take two of us to load him – for one thing, he doesn’t want to jump up and for another, someone would have to hold him while I go round the other side of the car to pull. Or maybe I could get in first and then pull.

    I’ll try tempting him in with biscuits. The trick will be getting him to want to get in himself.

  4. Paff Rine

    Neither of ours is very keen on car journeys. As you know, Lily spent the first three years with us travelling in a bucket because of her over zealous bladder. Getting two reluctant dogs in the car meant we resorted to treats. Now at least Holly will jump in comparatively willingly, we lift Lily because of her little legs and long back. Good luck – especially with the chicken situation. That is a harder problem to solve I suspect.

  5. Z

    Treats are the way to go, certainly. Though I think Cheddar will work better than the Shedder (though I enjoyed using it and might have another go later).

    A chicken in a little protective suit is otherwise known as a tortoise, Rog. I live in dread of Ben finding her and working out how she opens.

  6. luckyzmom

    Good luck with the chicken and car bits. And you know I sympathize with your sister. As you know the pain can be unbearable without the surgery.

  7. Liz

    I’ve got a recipe for Chocolate Olive Oil cake. It is delicious. I do find that any cake made with oil needs to cool completely before being removed from the tin, otherwise its moist squidgy gorgeousness makes it collapse.


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