It’s a two blog day! Yay!

I had to tell you, young Hadrian called round today, with his daddy and big brother, and straightaway wanted to see the tortoise.  Who, when picked up, obligingly wee’ed, even as I told the story of the party trick.

Ben wasn’t thrilled with the muzzle, but realised at once, or so it seemed, that chickens were safe from him.  So he trotted off to the field instead.  And managed to get it off his schnozzle, but I’ve tightened it up ready for the next time.

This morning, I indulged in a spot of self-pampering – no, loves, please.  A mini-pedicure and much lathering on of body lotion.  As a result, the dog wanted to lick me.  He loves it when someone smells nice.

Russell just handed me some very delicious stem ginger ice cream.  I’m afraid, terribly afraid, of resultant weight gain, because it could not be resisted.

Tomorrow, we have old friends coming for lunch.  I haven’t decided on a pudding yet.  I have chosen the napkins, though.

8 comments on “It’s a two blog day! Yay!

  1. nick

    Well, choosing the napkins is a very important decision. The wrong napkin could cast a shadow on the whole occasion. Very wise to put that before the choice of pudding….

  2. Z

    Hay thought it was pretty impressive when Edweena managed to do it three times.

    Boil in the shell, John?

    Zig and LZM, it was really good – it’s a local firm, they make an excellent range.

    Exactly, Nick. I’m glad you appreciate the level of internal debate.


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