The sale went well and the Sage was great.  We’ve acquired a weekend guest – that is, we already had one whom we’d invited, but one poor chap had a car accident on the way here from Gloucester and he was a bit stranded, so I brought him home, cooked him sausage, bacon and egg, fried potato and tomato (“oh, that’s far too much for me,”he said, just before polishing it all off) and have sent him to bed.  He was anxious because he has a ticket for Peter Grimes at the Aldeburgh Festival on Sunday – but so have I, so I can take him.  We can sort out his hire car over the weekend in time for him to go home on Monday.

It was a busy and stressful afternoon, a lot of phone calls and minor glitches, but it all came good and people are so lovely.  Darlings, if ever you consider becoming disillusioned, just let yourself be open to the kindness and friendship there is in everyday life and let people help you, and if that sounds twee or cutesie, then just take me at face value instead and let it stand.

I’m a bit tired right now, though I don’t know whether I’ll sleep or not – I really want a cup of coffee, but am not sure that strong black coffee is the way to go right now.  I may compromise with strong black decaff.  Anyway, I’ll walk Benny the Bean and go to bed.

7 comments on “Stet

  1. martina

    So glad all went well. House guest #2 probably is stunned by his good fortune and greatly appreciating your hospitality.

  2. janerowena

    I suspect you are a bit high now that the day is over. How kind you are. He is a lucky man. I hope the sage enjoyed his day, but not so much that he regrets having called time.

  3. How do we know

    congratulations on the same going well. and that house guest is super lucky. so what was it eventually? black coffee or black decaf, or perhaps, some good old fashioned wine?

  4. Z

    Running on adrenalin (is that how you spell it?), it’s all very busy. Neither coffee nor more wine, I just went to bed after writing a few more emails. And I did sleep well, thank you. No blogging tonight, I’m going to bed soon.

    Goodnight xx

  5. Pat

    For pity’s sake Z substitute Horlicks – with milk – for ANY kind of coffee.
    How do you think I have managed to sleep these last four months?

  6. Z

    I’ve tried drinking coffee, not drinking coffee, drinking decaff and it’s still pretty random. The caffeine doesn’t seem to make any difference. I can’t drink sweet milky drinks at night though, I’d feel sick. Anyway, I didn’t have anything at all except a glass of water. And I did sleep, but I didn’t the next night for no reason I can fathom.


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