The big news of the day is that Jamie’s wife is finding their Labrador a bit hard going and they are looking for a new home for him.  There’s no immediate hurry and the Sage is a bit anxious, but I’m quite hopeful.  A black lab. called Spud (great), he is quite well trained and you can put food in front of him and he won’t touch it until given the all clear.  He probably pulls on the lead, but that’s all right, I can deal with that.  I asked about chickens, Jamie doesn’t know because he has never seen them.

I’m not going to dwell on this until tomorrow’s Party Wall is over.  People have been a bit dropping by the wayside today, and we’re down to eighteen (I’ve halved the quantity of vegetarian food I’m doing, because I don’t think I’ve any vegetarians coming now, although I will Be Prepared anyway).  Have no fear of the chill forecast, I’m reckoning on us eating indoors.  We won’t all fit round the dining table, but there are chairs in various rooms, it’ll be fine…there is enough food, anyway.

See most of you tomorrow, darlings – and there’s enough food, if you suddenly decide to join us.  I have wildly over-catered in my enthusiasm.

18 comments on “Spud

  1. Alienne

    I hope the party goes well, sorry I am not near enough to get there. I look forward to hearing more about Spud – if he can resist food, surely he can resist chickens!

  2. Z

    My friend Lynn, the poet and artist, lives in your neck of the woods, Alienne and I hope to come your way before too long. Regarding Spud, that’s my thinking too. I’m keeping my fingers crossed – I’d been wanting a puppy, but I’m quite trusting about fate and the lap of the gods, if we’re drawn together, that’s fine!

  3. Marion

    I really hope the weather is nice for the party and that you all have a wonderful time. Sure would have loved to be there. I have a black lab who celebrated her 11th birthday today.

  4. georgie

    Spud sounds like an excellent dog. Hope he ignores chickens. The human, Gordy and I are sorry we live too far to come to the party. Cheers everyone!

  5. Anonymous

    I’m coming with the missus and we’re both veggies. Hope that doesn’t muck up the numbers or the catering……
    Bill H

  6. Z

    I’d put you down for two, Bill, assuming you’d be coming with your wife and I’m glad to have a guarantee that the veggie dishes will be eaten!

  7. Z

    Absolutely, Caitlin. I cater for all known allergies and food preferences. Vegetarians, vegans, gluten/wheat free, nut free, vegetable free, low fat, picky eaters who need to have each food in a separate dish so that they know they are safe in their choices – there should be something for everyone.

    I can’t remember if I included Squiffany and Pugsley, and I know I haven’t put down Oz and Lily, so I’ve lost count.

  8. Blue Witch

    I sorted the weather, I sorted the dog (sorry the variety is my favourite but probably not yours: I’ve already ordered my guide dog in that variety), sorry I ran out of spells powerful enough to sort myself enough to travel and be multiply sociable…

    Having read Bill and Caitlin, I’m feeling slightly less guilty about the special food now. Can we have a full menu later? I’ll pass it onto airlines who seem incapable of catering for anything but their ‘norm’.

    Have a lovely day all of you. Are you giving everyone a spare brick as a souvenir? Or maybe send one to everyone who couldn’t get there, in a sort of wedding-cakey type way?

  9. Z

    Thanks, all.

    We’ve got plans for the spare bricks, BW. And I did two veggie casseroles, which I hope were liked. One was based on sweet potato and carrot, with chilli and the other was courgette, aubergine and chickpeas with cream and pesto. Having had a mother who had to be very careful with what she could eat, I do not find it difficult to incorporate any restrictions into a meal – although none of the puds was for vegans, now I think about it.

  10. Mike and Ann

    Thank you both very much for a lovely day. I tried both your veggie dishes, and although I’m a carnivore (think perhaps that should be omnivore)thoroughly enjoyed the veggie dishes, too.
    Warm regards, Ann and Mike (the Suffolk ones).

  11. Mrs Rine

    Thank you so much for a lovely party and the huge effort you went to with all the wonderful food. I wish I had left more room for puddings! Oz and Lil were very surprised to find they had been catered for as well. Oz says if you are looking for a lodger he is well up for it, and he can happily co-exist with labradors xx


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