Bringing on the wall party

I first talked about a party about a year and a half ago, so thank you for sticking with me until I finally did something about it.  And thank you so much for coming.  Dave, Mike and Ann, Christopher and J., Rog and Mrs Rine, with Lily and Oz and their Mini-Mes, Bill and his missus, Sarah, and Sir Bruin and the Small Bear  with Errol the Sheep all came along and were brilliant company.  Having optimistically planned a barbecue, I still thought the food could be cooked on it, even though it was too chilly to eat out of doors, but it was so windy that we thought better of it.  Grilling food for twenty people simultaneously is a  bit tricky, but Al and Ro helped and it all got served up together.  I’d made salad, but most people thought the weather made it more a day for the veggie dishes, which was just as well because I’d cooked too much as usual.

I didn’t cook too much pudding, however.  We didn’t actually run out, but there were some second and third helpings going on.

Memo for next time – make casseroles.  Buy more Schloer.  Don’t feel the need to buy a bottle of wine per person for a lunchtime party where a lot of people will be driving home afterwards.  Make sure there is a next time.

I wonder how people will get on going back to work tomorrow, those who took last week off.  Two double Bank Holiday weekends in a row has really put everyone in a mood to relax for quite some time to come, it seems.

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  1. Mrs Rine

    That explains why he could only manage two mouth’s full of his evening meal!!!

    It was a lovely party Z. Thank you for all your hard work. Next year it could be a Jacob’s Joint or whatever they are called. But you MUST do the puddings! x

  2. Anonymous

    It was a very enjoyable afternoon. Many thanks for the invitation, the location, the grub and the company.
    The Wall looked even more impressive in real life.
    I suppose I’d better think about starting my own blog now, after the astonishment I encountered when it became apparent that I was merely a lurker;-)
    Maybe I’ll lurk around a bit more first though, now that I have several additional blogs to choose from!
    Bill (& Ali)

  3. Sarah

    I hope there WILL be a next time Z….splendid day, wonderful food and hospitality. I should JUST do puds next time! Fangs X

  4. Mike and Ann

    Quite agree with all the above. Thoroughly enjoyed the do. Many thanks Z and Sage. Just remembered that I put a comment re the party on your yesterday’s blog, but impossible to overdo the thanks anyway.
    Warm regards, Ann and Mike.

  5. Z

    Like most of you, I hardly ever make or eat puddings, so they were a treat for me too.

    Ro took home the rest of the sticky toffee. The Sage polished off the cakes. I’ve just eaten bread and butter pudding for breakfast (leaving some for him). I’d better not make them again for a while.

    Thank you for your presents. Dave’s tulips are on the table behind me and Mike and Ann’s azalea is to my side (and I’ll remember that it’s hardy), Sarah’s lavender will be planted out when we’ve had some rain, and will replace one that was killed by the frost. J’s spiced fig preserve is most welcome and the recipe will be asked for as some years I’m given more figs than I can eat (assuming we like it, of course!) and thank you for the wine you brought, which you rightly surmised will be much appreciated.

    Dave, we enjoyed you too.

  6. Sir Bruin

    I meant to say that I’m afraid that I scattered your bantams somewhat when we arrived on the bike. If they go off the lay, it is entirely my fault.
    Thanks again for a marvellous day.

  7. Z

    A tea party next time (coffee for Rog), perhaps, with a lot of cakes. And tennis, if we have the summer house ready.

    The bantams will have enjoyed the excitement, Sir B.

    Simon, I hope you can come next time. I shall enthuse as much as you wish.

  8. Z

    You might be sorry you said that, BW!

    Rog and Mrs Rine, I didn’t thank you for your book. It’s brilliant! Thank you so much. My father used to buy me Bunty when I was a child and read “The Four Marys” himself.


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