Sorry, I didn’t see you

The wisteria is still not fully out, but is gorgeous this year so I’ve taken pictures now while I think of it.
I’m sure you admire the splendid Tudor chimney.

Right, enough memories for a while.

Yesterday I went to Kent on a coach trip, to Knole and Ightham Mote. I’d visited neither National Trust property before and they were both wonderful houses. I’ve threatened the Sage that I will take him there on a day out sometime, we have friends in Kent so could fit in a rare social call too.

The two ladies behind me were talking about driving. “Reversing is what I find hardest” said one. “I’m not as good a driver as I used to be,” said the other, “I don’t see very well nowadays.”

Er. in your late 80s with bad eyesight, is it perhaps time to stop driving? Does her doctor know? The driver licensing authority?

4 comments on “Sorry, I didn’t see you

  1. How do we know

    i LOVED the post about the teapot. And this one too.. in their 80s and driving? That does sound cool!! There are a lot of people who do that here in India.. all male, of course! šŸ™‚

  2. Z

    Thanks very much, really nice of you to say that. And how charitable, all these scary old people zooming round not seeing anything until the last minute and then blaming everyone else.

    But driving in India? I’d do it with my eyes closed anyway! You inspire me, I’ll blog about it!


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