So you’ve never thought of it

But it’s a good evaluation of how supple you are if you’re past the age of 40 or so – below that, you should be able to do it unless you have a mobility problem; especially if you are taller than I, which most people are. I thought, a few months ago, that my kicking the light switch days were over. They aren’t. Even if you think I’m peculiar, which had occurred to me (or Special – in a SEN sense, Dan?), I’m sure you can appreciate how pleased I am?

There is time for blogging at the weekend. Another post follows; almost as brief I hope.

8 comments on “So you’ve never thought of it

  1. Brom

    I’m going to try.

    I usually use my nose as I often have my hands full of trays of food heading towards the News on the TV.

    I now have visions of Z high kicking the light switch in a skirt… revealing stocking tops…..


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