Just wondering

Just out of interest, do the rest of you switch on lights with your foot? I mean press a light switch on the wall 4 foot-something high.

It’s just that I often used to, haven’t been able to for a few years and now am within an instant’s control of doing so again. But it’s just occurred to me that maybe it’s a bit peculiar – or does everyone do it? It is what I’m using as a yardstick of my own agility now, though.

Weeza is fine, baby still tucked up safe.

Later I’ve just tried again and I can switch on the light easily. I can touch the wall 56 inches above the floor. Since I’m only 62 or so inches tall with an inside leg of 30 inches, this is damn good for an old girl. I don’t care if it’s odd to want to, it’s enough to do it.

*goes to wash footmark off wall*

13 comments on “Just wondering

  1. Wink

    Kiddo – I’ve never even thought about doing it!

    Ring me on my mobile after Monday as I’m having a few days off – lots of love to all

  2. sablonneuse

    No, I’ve never tried it – not even when I may have been capable, and neither have I seen more agile members of the family do it.
    However, many years ago, after being caught in the rain, I did dry my feet under the hand dryer in the ladies’ toilet and had some very funny looks.

  3. Dandelion

    Yes, now that dave mentions it, I have used my forehead, nose, lips and shoulder in the past, but only when my hands are full. Using your foot just doesn’t strike me as convenient, or economical.

    But we already knew you were Special, z.

  4. heybartender

    I tend to use my feet more often than necessary for a number of tasks, light switching included. The walk-in cooler at my job has a very large, heavy, metal door, and it is very satisfying to practice Tae Kwon Do on it. (Unfortunately that’s the only way I’m practicing right now.)
    You’re right to be proud of your ability. But maybe that’s just a short-legged thing.


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