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It’s always the same when you know you have to get up in good time. Couldn’t sleep at all the last night of the hols. Silly thing was that I hadn’t set my alarm for any earlier than I usually woke naturally. Anyway, having dozed occasionally, I was awake for good at 4. I lay for a bit, humming sotto voce – obviously, I wouldn’t wake my next-door neighbour, who had had no such scruples a couple of nights earlier, when the bathroom was visited at 2.30 and 3.30 and the bedside drawers were loudly opened and shut at 6 o’clock, several times. At 7.30, he or she had a shower. I felt highly miffed. Nevertheless, I didn’t retaliate, not turning on the bathroom light (which started the fan) or flushing or turning on the tv. I didn’t even shower until 7.30.

Anyway, after a rather unnerving drive on a wet and blustery M3 (not a large section of the journey but the least pleasant), I arrived home in good time. The Sage had missed me so much that he’d turned out the larder and washed the kitchen floor. The chickens had kindly laid me some eggs for lunch.

It was a lovely holiday and the temperature was just right really – low 20s/70s, depending on which scale you use, so not so hot I had to cover my tender pale skin but warm enough to be very pleasant, although the shock of coming back to icy rain was not so nice.

And now I’m going to have an early night and cuddle my lovely husband in my own lovely bed. Won’t need much rocking tonight, I think.

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  1. Christopher

    Welcome back! Thanks for arranging posts during your absence: very thoughtful.

    To flush or not to flush? Always a vexed question. But at least it’s momentary, not like television, snoring or fighting next door.

  2. Z

    Sadly, I’ve lost the vengeful spirit, 4D, most of the time. If I wanted to get my own back, I’d have found a subtler method and one that couldn’t be tracked back to me.

    Be like that, Dave.

    I had the advantage of a room to myself, Christopher, so I didn’t have to weigh up one way of giving offence against another. Also, it’s been a dry year in the Algarve so I reckoned that the more water saved, the better.

    I think they were just showing off, Rog.

    And as for you, Anonymous, shove off and don’t come back. There’s been a real outbreak of spam recently on a lot of blogs. If it carries on, I’m afraid I’ll have to turn on wv again.

  3. Blue Witch

    Glad you’re safely back.

    How can you have 3 migraines in one day? Or does the pain come and go?

    I blame the cheapness of hotel construction myself. In this day and age there is no excuse whatsoever for not making each room soundproof. It’s just penny pinching/profit increasing.

  4. Z

    The aura goes, then the headache starts, but it didn’t last long so I thought it was better, then it started again. Now I’ve just got a migraine headache so I think it’s getting better. It’s hard to say whether it was one, two or three separate migraines – I think the morning ones could have been connected and the afternoon one was separate, but it doesn’t really matter I suppose.

    We lwatched some apartments being built – we were a bit startled by the thinness of even the outer walls.

  5. heybartender

    Why does this lack of sleep thing happen? I ALWAYS lie awake for hours when I know I have to get up early. It matters not that I never, ever sleep through my alarm. My mind will simply not quiet when I have an early appointment.
    Hope your head feels better. I always try chocolate first, though thankfully I have had very few migraines.

  6. Z

    I didn’t even have to wake particularly early, it was silly. Although the Bod was fussing a bit and had booked an alarm call. I just set my phone.

    Wink can’t eat chocolate as they sometimes trigger migraines, I’ve never heard of it curing one!


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