Shame about the Boat Race? – not at all…

The Sage was in London today so I had to amuse myself. Happily, he arrived home before 5 and has amused me ever since.

I watched the Boat Race. The Sage supports Cambridge and I support Oxford. We are both highly partisan, but extremely polite and so have to pretend not to be interested at all. Cambridge were on the side of the river that should have ensured they won, but they didn’t. I casually told the Sage, giving The Other Place (my father would actually not mention its name and I never visited Cambridge in his lifetime) full credit for a valiant attempt. When I was a child, a bottle of champagne was placed in the fridge on Boat Race day and fetched out in time for the race – but if Cambridge won, it was silently put away again. Since Oxford rarely won in the ’60s, the champagne mostly lived to sparkle another day.

6 comments on “Shame about the Boat Race? – not at all…

  1. martin

    The Cambridge boat was a little out of salts yesterday.There is always next year. We should have gone to see the start,as I do most years, but we went to the moving pictures instead……

  2. PI

    Yay for Oxford! First time we have missed since I can remember but we were in Bath at the theatre.
    Did you hear that wonderful radio; programme about 1987 -I think -when the Americans tried to change the rules. Fair took my breath away.

  3. Z

    At least it wasn’t a foregone conclusion within the first few minutes – if one team gets a head start, either at the first or second bend, then the other hasn’t a chance. Cambridge were well outclassed, though – they exhausted themselves trying to get ahead when they had the advantage, but failed.

    I didn’t hear the radio programme, Pat, maybe I can find it on the BBC website.

    Pissed, John? I?


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