Look at ME, Granny…

Dilly was out today, so I looked after the children, who behaved impeccably. We played in their house and mine, they bounced on my bed, played hide and seek with two duck-shaped pencil sharpeners and a small wooden Indian elephant, had lunch and, in Pugsley’s case, a nap and played with Playdough for an hour until Dilly came home. Then she and I wanted to talk, so Squiffany became noisy and boisterous, as she was no longer centre of attention. It wasn’t that she was receiving none at all – we were talking to her too and joining in their games, but our minds were drifting away from babyness and she didn’t appreciate it.

The catalogue of an auction in London arrived today, so the Sage has been engrossed in it most of the day. We’re going to have a look at the china next week – not the official viewing days for a few more weeks, but if you ask nicely, they’ll put it on show for you. Three of us are going together, so it’ll be worth their effort – it’s certainly something we do for clients.

Not much else – horrible weather and I stayed home. I haven’t sown any seeds in the garden yet – vegetables will be late this year. No point in doing so when the weather is so cold and I am not too bothered about it. Now that August is a fairly exciting month in this family (two weddings in three years and, this year, a baby to come), I have more to do than water greenhouses and pick the crops and I’ll do what I can and not worry about the rest. The kitchen garden is designed to be neglected once in a while without becoming unmanageable.

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  1. Z

    Last time we moved house was at the end of July – we sold to friends, so I planted a thriving veg garden to welcome them. I spent the next year preparing a splendid kitchen garden here – best thing I ever did was to put in concrete paths.

    You could grow radishes, lettuces and peas – they’d all be picked by August.


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