Samphire, Sage and Duty

I meant to do lots today, but it didn’t quite happen. No real reason, laziness took over; the sort of faffing around that means you are never actually idle but you are only too aware that you will finish with very little accomplished, which will be regretted in a day or two when you are truly busy.

Never mind, nice to chill a bit. And the fishman did indeed have samphire on his van (see yesterday, you don’t need a link) and it was lovely. If you ever cook it, ignore the trendy anything-but-steaming-is-anathema school of thought, as it is really salty and needs plenty of water to tone it down. But it only needs a few minutes to cook. And then, hold it by the stalk end and suck off the flesh, leaving the stalky bit behind.
It’s the finger food element; I don’t know if it’s more childish or sensual – they being, of course, somewhat self-contradictory. Well yes, I do know which.

I discussed a matter with the Sage last night, and he agreed, with remarkably little persuasion, that I was right (!) and duly sorted it this evening. And then earnestly told me the good reasons why he’d done that. “Er,” I said, “I know. That was what I said yesterday.”

He is adorable.

The difference between us is that I have impractical ideas and tell him about them with great enthusiasm. He usually enters into the spirit of the thing and, if it’s really stupid, then does nothing about it. Or, if it’s wacky but possible, we get on with it. Like my wall, which has still not been started as his job is to choose the bricks. This is fine, as mine is to build the wall and it suits me right now not to have to begin.
He, on the other hand, has an idea and acts upon it, with no exit strategy at all, a bit like Bush/Blair in Iraq but less damaging (no further comment, this is not a political blog). Sometimes this works magnificently, it rarely completely fucks up, but sometimes it fizzles out and never comes to a proper conclusion, and this is one of those situations.
I tell him that he still thinks like a bachelor and it’s true. He sometimes talks to me first, but only if he wants to put a situation forward, knowing I will be bound to come up with the *brilliant idea* that he had in the first place.

I had a phone call from the High School this afternoon. They have a special tea party in July, where people who have won an award for effort, achievement, whatever – the sort of thing that won’t get a Speech Day prize but is worth celebrating – receive prizes, mostly sponsored by local businesses or the PTA. Unfortunately, the governor who usually hands these out is not available. Nor is the chairman of governors. You probably have already worked out who is the vice-chairman (don’t hold with chairwoman/person or Chair sort of nonsense, chairman is not gender specific). It’s the afternoon of the lunch I’m doing for the Bishop and the Rectorship candidates. “You will say a few words? Just a short speech, saying how proud the governors are and that sort of thing.” I sounded enthusiastic and pleased to step in. I lied.

3 comments on “Samphire, Sage and Duty

  1. wendz

    You and hubby sound like you really complement each other – a good match…I am also whacky and full of impractical ideas..and also tend to overcommit myself…so I sympathise and understand….happy Speeching!

  2. Z

    We look after each other very well and think the same, on the whole. After 33 years of marriage, we can just laugh when things go pear-shaped.


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