But anyone can see he was born

Husband has an appointment with a financial advisor this week, who rang to ask him to bring in identity documents for him to photocopy. I passed the message on. “You’ll need your birth certificate,” I said. He looked gloomy. “It used to be in the *designated place for such things*,” I said helpfully. “It isn’t now, I looked.” “When you take things like that out, why on earth don’t you put them straight back again?” I grumbled.
“Good question” said he.
“Good answer” said I.

3 comments on “But anyone can see he was born

  1. julie

    I have only been married less than a year and am therefore still able to hold my tongue under these circumstances. Rather, I will say something helpful (and likely infuriating) like “WE should really try to keep all that stuff in *designated place for things of that sort*”
    Works for now, but we’ll likely end up in counseling over it years down the road.

  2. KW

    Mr. KW is just the same. Recent losses from the Place of Safe-Keeping have included a P60, his car insurance documents, his MOT, his passport, and his national insurance card.

    I despair..!


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