Rings on his fingers?

“What are we having for dinner?” enquired Ro, coming to have a look. “Ah, fish fingers.” “Goujons” I intoned nasally. “That’s right, thick fish fingers” “Goujons” I insisted. “I haven’t spent half an hour grating bread and egg-and-breadcrumbing fillets of fish for them to be called fish fingers.” “Yeah, but they are,” he said, wandering out of the room.

Ten minutes later, eating dinner, he said “What’s the fish?” “Sea bass”. “Hm, could tell they were a cut above. Very fine texture and flavour.” “Line caught” I insised. “Bit of a waste to make fish fingers, but they’re very good.”

We had a power cut this morning and I rang the electricity board to find out what the fault was. The recorded voice told me that there were numerous faults in the area because of the extreme weather conditions. I stared out at the warm, humid, still air, wondering what exactly constituted an extreme weather condition. Haze just doesn’t seem to do it.

When I was in town, I greeted the mother of an old school friend of Ro’s and asked after the family. “Chris is getting married next year,” she said brightly. Blimey. He’s only a year older than Ro. I told him, later. His reaction was much the same. Mind you, one of his school friends, James, got married a couple of years ago.

5 comments on “Rings on his fingers?

  1. Dandelion

    I went to read your blog today, but I accidentally clicked on another feed that is alphabetically close to yours. It happened to have a similar template, so I read the whole post, thinking it was you, when it wasn’t.

    Another excellent title, if I may say so. One of your best, I’d say (though the risque acrobatics one was definitely a highlight).

  2. Z

    Maybe I should plan the titles first and then write the posts around them?

    A friend of mine in Udaipur told me (this was 3 or 4 years ago) that the electricity was off regularly for hours during the day in the summer. Large offices etc have generators, but not the small business where he worked. I asked about solar panels, but he said that they were not common in India. Seemed to be an opening for an entrepreneur there.

  3. Z

    I asked Ro that, Gordie, and he said no, they’re too busy having outrageous fun. But he has a dry sense of humour.


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