A pre-emptive power cut

I see it now. There are psychics at the electricity company and they decided to get some of the power cuts over and done with before the bad weather came. I am awfully impressed. Mind you, the storm came in the middle of the night, when a power cut wouldn’t have mattered much, whereas it was quite inconvenient yesterday, but I am too struck by the efficiency to complain.

It was an impressive storm, too. There was no wind and torrential rain fell straight down, the thunder rolled on and on and the lightning hurt my eyes, even when they were shut. I knew I should get up and check that there was no water coming in the house, but the storm had woken me from a deep 3.30 sleep and I hadn’t the willpower. It all seems all right now, although I haven’t investigated outside much.

4 comments on “A pre-emptive power cut

  1. The Boy

    How very efficient of them indeed! Anticipating extreme weather like that, though I would have though haze does generally constitute extreme weather in England, just like fallen leaves consitute a hazard on the trains…

  2. Z

    They’ll never live that one down, will they, any more than Michael Fish will ever live down saying there wouldn’t be a storm…

    Your comment came through just as I was commenting on your post. Evidently, we both take a coffee break at the same time.

  3. Dave

    My train was cancelled due to something having fallen on the line (not sure it was leaves though). I had to take a bus to Norwich, and missed my connection. Now I understand something’s fallen on the line at Liverpool Street, so I may be trapped in london for ever. They do seem to have electricity though.


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