Right of passage

I went to Norwich, but didn’t have too much luck with shopping. I did get things for Ro, so at least, if he doesn’t have time to choose a coat until after Christmas, at least I’ll have something to give him. I’ll go into Yagnub tomorrow for the rest, and failing success there, to Beccles. The Sage is off to London for the day. I’m going to write out all my music for the carol service on Christmas Eve and go and have a practice with Andy. He’s playing the electronic organ, which he finds easier, with his vasculitis, and I’ll play the clarinet, except for one hymn where we both plan to play the organ. Only problem is, they are half a tone out from each other, so we need to try it out, him playing in E and me in F, to make sure we are okay together. If not, I’m back on the clarinet. We’ve had the gates sandblasted and repainted and they will be fetched back on Thursday, though I don’t suppose they will be put back in situ until after Christmas. Honestly, darlings, those of you who have been here before would hardly know the place. Come to the next blog party to be impressed and astonished. And those of you who haven’t visited, of course, because the Sage and I are quite astonishing in our own right. Or should that be rite?

21 comments on “Right of passage

  1. Z

    The iPad doesn’t seem to do paragraphs. However, it does auto-correct, so I don’t think there are any typos – which would go uncorrected, of course.

  2. Z

    I incite you, Tim. I wouldn’t leave you out, that would be cruelly exciting.

    I’m known for my bravery, 4D. And you are certainly invited. Happy Christmas, dearest xx

  3. mig

    Oh I’d love to come and be impressed and astonished. Humbly hoping for an invite.

    I’ll be hunting for presents in Reading tomorrow since Newbury failed me. My feet are hurting in anticipation.

  4. Z

    We all evolve similar rites of passage, Mago? So it seems!

    I’m hopeless, AQ, and getting worse.

    Of course you’re invited, Mig. Good luck with the shopping. At least there’s a deadline, and once it arrives, anything that’s been forgotten can be ignored.

    It was quite bamboozled, LX

  5. Z

    Oh darling, of course the iPad does paragraphs, but not on Blogger. That’s the fault of the Blogger programme, and out of Apple’s control.

  6. Blue Witch

    Blogger still responding to my end of 2003 spell (when I left them in disgust) that methinks šŸ˜‰

    Have you tried using the html in your post body? ie [br/] (replace square brackets with sideways Witchy Hats, of course)

  7. Z

    They’ll sort it out sooner or later. Paragraphs work on comments, I see. And no, I always forget the paragraphs don’t work until it’s published, and – well it’s not as if it really matters.

    Good for you, John. It takes some serious willpower not at least pay lip-service to the whole shebang.

    Lip-service, hmm. I have the feeling you acquire a few Christmas kisses, actually.

  8. Z

    This is wonderful, thank you, do please come.

    Of course there will, Chris. Whole lots of them. And welcome back, lovely to hear from you again.


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