Little z zzzs again

Weeza doesn’t know quite how I manage it.  Zerlina always sleeps for a long time here.  Laast night, having gone to bed at 6, she woke briefly for a drink and a visit to the bathroom about 9.30 and then slept right through until after 8 this morning.  I’d been awake for hours as usual and too lazy and tired to get up, which isn’t unusual, so I called to say hello and then we both stayed put for a while longer.

We decorated tge the tree later.  I wrapped presents last night.  This had sunk me into a state of mild gloom.  I don’t like doing that until I’m ready – ie, until I’ve bought all the presents.  I nearly have, but there’s a notable Gus-shaped exception and I also haven’t bought anything much for Ro.  He and Dora live in a tiny place and he hasn’t room fr anything more.  Once they move to a house, he says dreamily, he’ll need lots of things, and for the garden too…I’ve a feeling he’s building up to buy, don’t you think?  Anyway, a few other gaps under the tree, so I’m going to have a final visit to Norwich tomorrow.  A first and last visit, that is, Norwich shops can’t depend on me to stay in business, sad to say.

I did feel oddly jagged, though, earlier in the day.  Hard to think of a reason, decorating a small Christmas tree can’t have done it really, whatever I said in the last paragraph.  In fact, my lack of enthusiasm was probably as a result of my mood rather than the cause of it.  The local theatre’s pantomime has brought me out of it, however.  Sitting in the back row and no one in front of me, there was nowhere to hide and we joined in with enthusiasm, once Zerlina had stopped being frightened of Abanazar.   I’ve just had a text from Dilly saying her two had enjoyed it so much they want to go again.  Anyway, I’ve sung, clapped, shouted ‘it’s behind you” and so on, and am now gently dribbling ginger tea down my front – which was a bit of an accident, it was hotter than I thought it was going to be. Still, better than over the keyboard.

A friend of ours who works in Aberdeen sends pictures of the scenery once in a while.  This is today’s – what he saw when out walking yesterday.  Almost makes up for living in Aberdeen, I suppose – not that I’ve ever visited the place, but he misses East Angular.  I’ve added it to the desktop photo folder, which puts up one of around 250 every 15 minutes.  I have a low boredom threshold and don’t care to look at the same picture for long.  Well, not unless it’s someone really appealing, obv.

(It occurred to me that I hadn’t asked him, so have taken the picture down.  Sorry)

Coincidentally, this one just popped up on the desktop, taken by me on Dartmoor a few years ago.  The car behind me stopped too (not as a result of my abrupt halt, darlings, I did pull properly off the road), but only I had a camera to hand and was able to snap them before they disappeared.  No merit to the photo, and I suppose if you live in the area you see them constantly, but we rarely see any wild mammal bigger than a hedgehog here, so it pleased me.

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